MLitt (PACS) Treatises


Name Topic
Marc Tagub Philippines: Media and Reconciliation
Paul Duffill

Evaluating and Disseminating the Results of Conflict Resolution Workshops to Support Cultures of Peace: You Don't Sell the Steak You Sell the Sizzle?


 Name  Topic
Kandasamy, Yoganaadan K. Post-Conflict Peace Building in Sri Lanka: Role of Government, Tamil Political Parties and the Tamil Diaspora
Lai-See Chiu, Stephanie Beyond the Homeland: Reconciliation, Relationship Transformation & Restorative Justice Possibilities for the Bosnian Diaspora in South Western Sydney, Australia


 Name  Topic
Dong-jun, Kim Peacebuilding in the Korean Peninsula: The Role of the Ecumenical Movement
Hardy, John Statebuilding for Peace: The (Human) Security-Development Nexus in Fragile States
Kiarie, Geoffrey N. An Anlaysis of the Underlying Causes of the 2007 Post-Election Conflict in Kenya


Name Topic
Harvey, Shannon The Best of Enemies: An analysis of the interrelationship between British counter-revolution strategies and Irish Republican Violence, 1969-2008
Sora, Mihai Alert But Not Alarmed: The Nature of the Howard Government's 'War on Terror'


Name Topic
Staines, Alex J Imperial Destiny: An Analysis of the Origins, Motives and Contradictions of the Bush Doctrine, the War on Terrorism and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq


Name Topic
Logan, Kathryn Codes of Ethics in Australian Business-Success or failure?
Koh, Jaime Human insecurities or liabilities? The changing security paradigm and the case of the North Korean Refugees
Miyazawa, Yuko Youth in Bougainville: Their situation, involvment in peacebuilding and images of peace
Tarling, Serena Telling the Story: Did news reportage of the Australian reconciliation process do it justice?


Name Topic
Chesher, Jane Anatomy of a Riot: Redfern 14-16 February 2004
Otterman, Mike Debility, Dependency and Dread: The Development, Deployment and Defense of American Torture, 1945-2005