Current students

The vibrant student community at CPACS is composed of local and international, coursework and research, as well as a growing number of undergraduate students. This year, we also welcome students enrolled in the new Masters by distance learning program.

2007 saw more than 60 students enrolled in the Masters, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. Class enrolments, which regularly exceeded 40 despite an increased number of units on offer, were bolstered by significant numbers of students cross-listing from Development Studies and other programs, making a welcome addition to the CPACS student community.

In 2007, Peace and Conflict Studies students represented a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, including serving military officers from Indonesia and Thailand, and many with experience working in developing countries.

Students came from as far and wide as Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the United States. We were pleased to welcome a number of AUSAID-sponsored students, including several from the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs.

2008 Non-violence students

2008 Non-violence and Social Change summer school students