The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies offers two undergraduate units of study, although these units are not available in every academic year:

  1. KOCR3602 - Race, Racism and Indigenous Australia, in conjunction with the Koori Centre.
  2. PACS2002 - History and Politics of War and Peace, in conjunction with the Department of History

KOCR3602 – Race, Racism and Indigenous Australia

This unit explores theories of race and racism focusing on Indigenous Australian race relations. Opportunity is provided to understand the development of Racism as an impact on individuals - victim and perpetrator - and systemic systems at local, national and international levels. The unit explores what racism means in the social justice agenda through issues such as equity and anti-racism, in particular the direct impact of racism as a tool in the creation of social and economic disadvantage in Australian Indigenous communities.

PACS2002 - History and Politics of War and Peace

Not offered in 2015

This unit examines the history of the causes of war and the processes and outcomes of peacemaking, with particular emphasis on attempts to limit the frequency and severity of war and the creation of instruments of collective security, notably after the Thirty Years War (Treaty of Westphalia, 1746), the Revolutionary Napoleonic Wars (the Congress of Vienna, 1815), the First World War (the League of Nations, 1919), and the Second World War (the United Nations, 1945).