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We invite you to share our passion and commitment

Peace with justice is one of the world's most precious commodities. It seeks the attainment of universal human rights, the practice of nonviolence, and the promotion of a common humanity including a responsibility to protect a precious and fragile environment

Become a Peace Maker, Peace Keeper of Friend of the Sydney Peace Foundation

The Sydney Peace Foundation is wholly dependent on the generosity of our financial and in-kind supporters.

In addition to our Partners in Peace, there are four categories of giving:

Peace Makers: $10,000 - $24, 999
Peace Keepers: $1,000 - $9,999
Friend: $100 - $999
Supporter: $1 - $99

All donations are fully tax deductible

Through supporting the Sydney Peace Foundation, you will:

  • Become engaged in events that dignify and celebrate the human spirit, that promote cooperation and harmony whithin our communities
  • Experience the rewards of working to promote the values and goals of human rights, social justice and peace
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a sense of reciprocity and friendship in our association with you

Friends receive the Foundation's Bulletins and advance notice of the Foundation's activities. Friends are invited to participate in the annual November Peace Prize events, including the gala dinner and prize winner's speech, and to encourace their friends to support the Foundation's activities

By becoming a Friend you will also directly support the activities of the Youth Peace Initiative, which works with young people in NSW from high school to early tertiary years to share and develop their understanding of peace with justice as they collaborate online and work directly on community projects. Outstanding efforts are recongised with the Foundation's annual Youth Peacemaker Award.

For more information, or to discuss becoming a Partner in Peace with the Sydney Peace Foundation, please contact:

Ms Katie Gabriel
Executive Officer
Sydney Peace Foundation

Room 115 Mackie Building K01
The University of Sydney, 2006 NSW

T +61 2 9351 4468
F +61 2 9660 0862