2018 Sydney Peace Prize winner

Professor Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize-winning economist and champion for global economic justice

The Sydney Peace Prize citation reads:
"For leading a global conversation about the crisis caused by economic inequality, for exposing the violence inflicted by market fundamentalism, and for championing just solutions to the defining challenge of our time: How can we break the cycle of power and greed to enable all peoples and the planet to flourish?"

s a prolific academic at world-leading universities and as an influential advocate in the policy world, Stiglitz has galvanised and shaped global debates on inequality and economic fairness over the last three decades. Whether as economic advisor to President Bill Clinton or the United Nations, or as Chief Economist at the World Bank, Professor Stiglitz speaks truth to power and challenges the all-powerful role of the markets.

Warning that the global economic system is stacked against developing nations, Stiglitz has been credited for using his position to boldly challenge conventional economic approaches. In the hard-hitting world of policymaking, politics and strategic calculation, Stiglitz has never been afraid to rock the boat when necessary, reopening and pushing debates that far more powerful men had conveniently put to rest.