City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture

Professor Noam Chomsky, Sydney Town Hall

Prof Noam Chomsky, 2011 recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize, deliver the Sydeny Peace Prize Lecture

On Wednesdayb 2nd November, Professor Noam Chomsky, the 2011 Recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize, delivered the [[b||City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture in the Sydney Town Hall.

Welcomed to the stage by a standing ovation, the 2000-strong crowd were eager to show their appreciation to Prof Chomsky, whose life's work as a challenger of unjust power has lent influence and inspiration to activists world wide.

Prof Noam Chomsky's City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture will be broadcast on the ABC's Big Ideas on WEDNESDAY 30th NOVEMBER, 11am ABC 1.
Click here for a full transcript of the City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture.

Prof Chomsky in conversation with Mary Kostakidis, Sydney Opera House.

Due to overwhelming demand, the Sydney Peace Foundation hosted a second public address by the Sydney Peace Prize recipient at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday 3rd November. Here Prof Chomsky was in conversation with distinguished Australian journalist and human rights campaigner Mary Kostakidis and answered audience questions on ‘Problems of Knowledge and Freedom’- linguistics, global politics, human rights, responses to climate change, the nature of democracy.