Performance Studies at the University of Sydney

One of the features of our department is the way we engage with performance practice. All of the academic staff, in addition to being leading researchers, have significant professional experience in areas such as directing, acting/dancing and script development: most units of study will therefore involve a minor strand of practical workshop–style activities to complement text-based teaching methods and as a way of grounding the major theoretical concerns of the course.

We also have excellent contacts with professional artists and companies working in Sydney, many of whom are involved in our regular artists-in-residence scheme. Much of the teaching and learning in Performance Studies involves versions of participant-observation fieldwork and ethnographic research methods. Through the artists-in-residence scheme and other avenues, students have the opportunity to observe training, creative development and other kinds of performance preparation across a wide range of genres.

Some artists-in-residence are also Honorary Artistic Associates with the Department - see Honorary Artistic Associates