2008 Department of Performance Studies News Archive

New Publications late 2008

New Publications at the close of 2008 from the Department of Performance Studies staff, honoraries and postgraduates include:

Martin del Amo (Honorary Artistic Associate) "Matters of choice: nottdance08, Nottingham, UK", Realtime, Dec–Jan 2008

Dr Amanda Card (Lecturer), "Art dance, burlesque and body culture: negotiating interwar modernities", in Robert Dixon and Veronica Kelly (eds.) Impact of the Modern: Vernacular Modernities in Australia 1870s-1960s, Sydney: Sydney University Press, 2008

Jeff Stewart (PhD candidate), "Graffiti Vandalism? Street art and the city: some considerations", UNESCO Observatory E-Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, October 2008

Barbara Campbell (Honorary Artistic Associate) "Travels Through 1001 nights cast", in Daniel Brine and Emmy Minton (eds.), The Live Art Almanac, London: Live Art Development Agency, 2008.

Associate Professor Gay McAuley (Honorary Associate), "Not Magic but Work: Rehearsal and the Production of Meaning", Theatre Research International (2008), 33: 276-288

Dr David Williams (Honorary Associate), "Performing refugee policy in politics and theatre", Research in Drama Education, Volume 13, Number 2, June 2008: 199-204.

New Performance Studies Journal

Performing Ethos is a new refereed, interdisciplinary journal which considers ethical questions relating to contemporary theatre and live performance. Link to Performing Ethos

What out for Dr Mark Seton's (one of our Honorary Associates) paper in the first volume: "The ethics of embodiment: Actor training and habitual vulnerability" Performing Ethos: An international journal of ethics in theatre and performance, Volume 1, Issue 1, due out in early 2009



Produced in association with VERSION 1.0 and PERFORMANCE SPACE as part of LIVEWORKS 29th Aug – 7th September @ CARRIAGE WORKS, Wilson St Redfern


A slide show with fireside chat. Join our own Dr Paul Dwyer in an intimate, moving and constantly surprising monologue performance that grapples with the ethical, epistemological and practical dilemmas of making art and conducting research in post-colonial, post-conflict settings – particularly when the performance-maker/researcher is a citizen of the former colonial power. This is politics and performance at its most personal.

DIRECTOR: David Williams
VIDEO: Sean Bacon
PRODUCTION: Russell Emerson

Tess de Quincey

One of the Department’s honorary associates, and her company de Qunicey Co. will launch a new presenting program THE WEATHER EXCHANGE this week at the Performance Space. This venture will support the development and work of independent Bodyweather artists at the premiere of The Weather Exchange’s first presentation 2 SOLOS at Performance Space, also part of the LIVEWORKS festival at the CarriageWorks, Wilson St Redfern on THURSDAY 4 SEPTEMBER at 7pm


Thursday 4 September at 7pm
Saturday 6 September at 6pm
Sunday 7 September at 2pm


Also presenting on Sunday 7 September at LIVEWORKS festival will be a work in progress by another Performance Studies associate Martin del Amo. Martin is a regular user of the Rex Cramphorn Studio and contributes to the research profile of the Department. This work-in-progress showing is about 24 hours Martin spent outside in the city streets. During that period, he visited different parts of the city and conducted a series of task-based explorations. This physical lecture demonstration EXCURSION distils his experience into a radically compressed time frame.

SUN 7 SEP 6.30PM

At PSi in Copenhagen

Performance Studies at the University of Sydney was well represented by staff and postgrads at the recent Performance Studies international conference at the University of Copenhagen, 20-24th August.

May-Brit Akerholt (PhD candidate) presented “Bless thee, Bottom, bless thee, thou art translated”
Nicholas Hope (PhD candidate) presented “Actor in Interregnum”
Dr Ian Maxwell offered “The Space Between: Pneumatism, magnetism, transluminescence and the actor” which he will also present at our regular Friday seminar this semester (3-5 @ the AV Room, Woolley Building, Manning Rd) on October 10.

July 14th 2008

Welcoming Dr Sophie Nield - International Visiting Research Fellow
The department would like to introduce and welcome Dr Sophie Nield from the Central School of Speech and Drama at Royal Holloway College, University of London. Sophie received one of the prestigious International Visiting Research Fellowships from this University and will be with us for five weeks. She is currently completing a book, The Social Theatre of Power: Space, Theatricality, Resistance, for which she received an AHRC Research Leave award in 2004-5. Sophie Nield undertakes research and supervises in the areas of: space, theatricality and performance; film and representation; theatrical 'magic' and stage technology; historiography. She has held lectureships at the University of Glamorgan and Goldsmiths College, University of London, and was most recently Senior Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at Roehampton University.

Sophie is also a Trustee of the Mander and Mitchenson Theatre Collection, and completed a major AHRC-funded project on enhancing research access to the Collection, developing a catalogue, digital image archive and website. With Dr Nicholas Ridout of QMUL, she is co-convenor of the London Theatre Seminar, Institute for English Studies. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and Secretary to the Theatre and Performance Research Association.

Dr Nield's other recent publications include:

'On the Border as Theatrical Space: appearance, dis-location and the production of the refugee' in Contemporary Theatres in Europe, Joe Kelleher and Nicholas Ridout (eds) Routledge 2006

'There is another world: space, theatre and global anti-capitalism' in Contemporary Theatre Review: Theatre and Globalisation , 2006
Jen Harvie and Dan Rebellato (eds)

'The AHRC Mander and Mitchenson Theatre Collection Access for Research Project: Conversations with Cataloguers' in Theatre Notebook, 2005, Paul Davidson, Kristy Davis and Sophie Nield

'Popular Theatre 1896-1940' in Cambridge History of British Theatre vol. 3 Baz Kershaw (ed) Cambridge University Press 2004


Australasian Association for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Conference - July 2008
The Department of Performance Studies was represented in large numbers at the annual conference of the Australasian Association for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, held at the University of Otago, Dunedin.

12 papers were presented by 10 Staff and Postgrads:

May-Brit Akerholt (Ph.D. Candidate)“ ‘And I stand on the edge’ (Death Variations by Jon Fosse)”
Kath Bicknell (Ph.D. Candidate) ‘Feeling their ride: Embodied senses of place in cross-country mountain bike racing”
Robin Dixon (Ph.D. candidate) “Space and Place in Plautine Comedy”
Paul Dwyer (Academic staff) in collaboration with Michele Zappavigna and Jim Martin from the Department of Linguistics): “ ‘From a certain place’: Negotiating a sense of community in ceremonies of reconciliation and restorative justice” and
“Walking to Moratona with Peter Kebono: Speaking nearly troubled places in The Bougainville Photography Project (2008)”
Russell Emerson (Technical director): “Archiving Ephemera: Determining best practice in creating accessible performance archives for the World Wide Web”
Ariana Grabrovaz (Ph.D. Candidate) “Room to move: Indigenous actors’ interpretive process in Australian mainstream theatre”
Glen McGillivray (Academic staff) “The Picturesque World Stage”
Ian Maxwell (Academic staff) “‘Flying the kite’: a Phenomenological Prolegomenon to a chorography of Sydney Harbour”
Mark Seton (Honorary Associate) “Employment of Spirit: How acting teachers and students negotiate intercorporeal experiences” and “Digital Places: Testing the thresholds between artists and other researchers in relation to the Sidetrack Performance Group archive”
Liza-Marie Syron (D.Arts candidate) “Critical reception of Indigenous theatre practice and the cross-cultural experiences of Actor Training in Australia”

Liza-Marie Syron's paper short-listed
Liza-Marie’s paper was short-listed for the Veronica Kelly Prize for outstanding presentation by a Postgraduate

Dr Ian Maxwell awarded the Marlis Thiersch Research Award for excellence in theatre studies
Dr Ian Maxwell was awarded the Association’s Marlis Thiersch Research Award for excellence in theatre studies for his essay “The Ritualization of Performance (Studies)” in Graeme St John (ed) Victor Turner and Cultural Performance, New York: Berghan Books, 2008. Ian was also short-listed for the same prize for another essay, “‘Who Were You?’ The Visceral and the Visible” in Maaike Bleeker (ed.) Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre, Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press, 2008.

CONGRATUALTIONS!! to (President) Dr Ian Maxwell
Topping off the week at the conference, Ian Maxwell was elected President of A.D.S.A. for 2008-9.

Australian and New Zealand American Association Conference 2008
Dr Amanda Card (Academic Staff) presented a paper this July at the Australian and New Zealand American Association Conference at the University of Sydney called "Dancing 'round a Tipi: the life and work of Reginald and Gladys Laubin"

World Dance Alliance Conference 2008
Justine Shih-Pearson (PhD Candidate) presented a paper at the World Dance Alliance Conference in Brisbane this month with choreographer Ade Suharto - "A View from the bridge: a dialogic practice".

June 11, 2008

Catching up...
This has been a busy semester and the 'news page' has languished somewhat, our apologies.

Our NEW 0.5 Appointment
Early this semester we welcomed Glen McGillivray, our new 0.5 appointment. Glen is a former director, acting teacher and dramaturg and has a PhD from this department. He also lectures in Performance at the School of Communications Arts at the University of Western Sydney.

Jim Martin, Michele Zappavigna and our own Paul Dwyer are co-authors on a keynote presentation to the prestigious European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference beginning in Helsinki next week. Their paper, “Negotiating Shame: Exchange and Genre Structure in Youth Justice Conferencing” presents work-in-progress from the project “Enacting Reconciliation” which has been funded by the Australian Research Council.

Dr Laura Ginters and Dr Glen McGillivray have articles in the latest Australasian Drama Studies 52, April 2008: "Mis-recognised Knowledges: National Identity and the Unreliable Narrative in Jack Hibberd's A Stretch of the Imagination and Josephine Wilson's The Geography of Haunted Places - Glen McGillivary; "Interview: Lindy Davies: A Path to a Process, Part 2", Laura Ginters. (Part 1 of Laura's interview with Lindy Davies can be found in Australasian Drama Studies 50, April 2007.)

Dr Andrew Filmer (PhD 2006 and former Honorary Associate, recently appointed to a Lectureship in Performance Studies, Department of Theatre, Film and Television at University of Wales, Aberystwyth) has an new article in the latest New Theatre Quarterly Volume XXIV, Part 2 May 2008: "Minding the Gap: the Performer in the Wings".

The Fondue Set (Jane McKernan, Elizabeth Ryan and Emma Saunders) have just presented their latest performance/dance work at The Studio, Sydney Opera House, moving to Campbell Town Arts Centre and Arts Space Melbourne over the next few weeks. "No Success Like Failure" was developed in association with various partners including the Department of Performance Studies. During their time in the Rex Cramphorn Studio, Jane, Elizabeth and Emma also contributed to our Honours and Rehearsal Studies programs, providing our students with an invaluable insight into their process .