Postgraduate Programs in the Department of Theatre and Peformance Studies

The Department of Theatre and Performance Studies is internationally renowned as a centre of research excellence, both for the interdisciplinary range of our work and for the innovative application of ethnographic research methods in the study of performance.

All of the academic staff are active researchers, publishing regularly in top-ranked journals. Many of our PhD students, upon graduation, have found work as lecturers at universities across Australia, as well as in the UK and Asia. We have a strong cohort of current postgraduates who regularly present papers at major national and international conferences and our peer-reviewed journal, About Performance, attracts submissions from leading scholars not only in Australia but also from the US and Europe. We have often hosted international scholars through such prestigious schemes as the Fulbright program or Endeavour Scholarships.

For postgraduate students, the department provides a highly supportive and collegial environment:

  • readily available, expert supervision from an academic staff member;
  • a weekly research seminar at which students can receive constructive feedback on work-in-progress from their peers;
  • excellent library facilities;
  • technical support and advice for research that involves fieldwork/documentation etc.; and
  • opportunities to work as a tutor, guest lecturer or research assistant.

Use the menu bar on the left to see details of our postgraduate research and coursework offerings, advice on how to apply, as well as current and completed postgraduate research projects. You will also find details of the kinds of opportunities that have been taken up by our graduates.

You may also contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinator, for further information.