Postgraduate Units of Study

PRFM5903 - Rehearsal to Performance

Semester 2, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dr Paul Dwyer


This unit is structured around a rehearsal process occurring in the mid-year break (July) and involving performing artists in residence at the Department's Rex Cramphorn Studio. Students attend rehearsals full time for two weeks, documenting the process and writing up their observations as ethnographic fieldnotes. Seminars during semester provide an opportunity for students to 'unpack' this experience and to develop strategies for turning fieldnotes into a more detailed, coherent and analytical casebook.


1x1000wd formative assessment and casebook plan (25%). During weeks 1-5 of semester, students practice writing fuller versions of their fieldwork notes and submit summaries of any major categories that emerge during the process of 'coding' their notes. In week 6, they submit a detailed plan for their rehearsal casebook. 1x4000wd casebook (75%). The casebook is essentially a small-scale ethnography of the rehearsal practices observed in the mid-year break (July). This account will be a blend of illustrative description and analytical commentary, detailing some of the characteristics of this particular rehearsal. Students will be explaining the 'culture' of this rehearsal, the ways in which people worked together, the aesthetic and pragmatic criteria which informed their decision-making, problems encountered, solutions found etc.


1x3-hr seminar/week


PRFM5902 Rehearsal Studies

Additional Information

Students are required to attend 2 weeks of rehearsals during July prior to commencement of semester 2 classes. This rehearsal observation provides essential preparatory work to undertake the unit of study.

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