Ms Rosie Findlay

BA(Adv.) Hons. (2007), PhD (2014, forthcoming)
Postgraduate Teaching Fellow

A20 - John Woolley Building
The University of Sydney

Biographical details

Rosie is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Performance Studies, and will imminently submit her PhD thesis, 'O HAI GUYZ: Between Personal Style Bloggers, Their Readers and Modern Fashion.' She became interested in fashion as an object of study during her Honours year in the Department of Performance Studies, where she wrote an analysis of Australian Fashion Week as a spectacle. Her current research focuses on the practice of personal style blogging, a sub-genre of the fashion blogosphere. She provides a detailed overview of the practice, traces its origins and influences through the digital archive, and examines its implications for wider notions of the performance of self online, womens' and girls' writing, performance through dress, and the contested field of the fashion media. She has been published in The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, Fashion Theory (forthcoming) and the Fashion International 5 e-book, as well as a range of news media and digital media sites including The Conversation, Vogue Australia, Kill Your Darlings and the Thesis Whisperer. ​She also kept a personal style blog, Fashademic, throughout her PhD candidature as part of her research methodology. Rosie was also a regular guest on fBI's breakfast radio show, presenting a segment called 'Word Up' on words and language, a role she briefly reprised for ABC Radio National. She currently teaches a number of undergraduate courses in Performance Studies.

Research interests

  • Fashion as performance
  • The digital performance of self
  • Fashion blogging
  • Fashion photography
  • Fashion shows
  • Phenomenology
  • Embodiment

Current projects

  • "O HAI GUYZ: Between personal style bloggers, their readers, and modern fashion": my PhD research project.
  • "The performance of fashion shows": in which I analyse the performance event of fashion shows (in the context of Australian and international fashion weeks) to tease apart the ways it can be conceived of as a performance, and the implications and purpose of such shows for the fashion industry.

Awards and honours

  • Recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award (2010-2013)
  • Dean's Citation for Excellence in Tutorials (2013)
  • FASS Teaching Fellow (2014)

In the media

I am a columnist for The Conversation, writing about the theory and culture of fashion in 'Material Visions'. I have written for Vogue Australia, Kill Your Darlings, and The Thesis Whisperer, and kept a style blog (Fashademic) as part of my research methodology during my PhD candidature.

Selected publications

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  • Findlay, R. (2012). At One Remove from Reality: Style Bloggers and Outfit Posts. The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, 1(2), 197-208.


  • Findlay, R. (2012). At One Remove from Reality: Style Bloggers and Outfit Posts. The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, 1(2), 197-208.

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