Dr Mark Cariston Seton

Photo of Dr Mark Seton

BA (UNSW), Grad Dip Arts by Research (UNSW), PhD (Sydney)
Honorary Research Associate

Sense Connexion
Facilitator at InterPlay

Dr Mark Seton is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies with a specialisation in actor training. His research interests include actor health and wellbeing, and ethical teaching and research practices in Higher Education Creative and Media Arts. He currently lectures at several institutions and has worked variously as an editor, production manager, director, writer and producer in film and video production for over 20 years, and more recently as a dramaturg for contemporary performance. He is an accredited InterPlay teacher with InterPlay Australia. He coaches actors in Resilient Vulnerability©, a set of practices he has developed in response to the findings of the Australian Actors Wellbeing Study.

Research areas

  • Actor training approaches
  • Acting and spirituality
  • Actor health and wellbeing in training and in the workplace
  • Ethical teaching and research practices in Higher Education Creative and Media Arts
  • Psychosocial and psychological risks in professional practices (e.g. lawyers, nurses, emergency workers, journalists)

Current projects

  • Forthcoming book: Seton, M., Maxwell, I., and Szabó, M., The health and wellbeing of actors: "It will be alright on the night", Intellect Books, Bristol, UK
  • Coordination of a series of national forums on actors’ health and wellbeing in training and in the workplace
  • Analysis of collected data from survey of actors’ health and wellbeing in New Zealand


  • Chair, Human Research Ethics Committee – Australian College of Theology
  • Editorial Board - Journal of Applied Arts and Health
  • Board member, Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH)
  • Member, Acting Program - Association of Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)
  • Member, Performing Arts Medicine Association
  • Member, Performer Training Working Group - Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA)
  • Member, Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA)
  • Platinum Member, Equity - Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Awards and honours

  • 2009, Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship (UK and Northern Ireland), Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Australia
  • 2002, Graduate Scholarship, International Forum on Performance Studies, Dokkyo University, Tokyo, Japan

In the media

Selected publications

  • Seton, M, Maxwell, I, and Szabó, M, The health and wellbeing of actors: "It will be alright on the night", Intellect Books, Bristol, UK. (forthcoming in 2016)
  • Seton, M, with Maxwell, I, Szabó, M, “The Australian Actors’ Wellbeing Study: A Preliminary Report”, About Performance: The Lives of Actors, 13, pp. 69-113. (2015)
  • Seton, M, with Prior, R, Maxwell, I, Szabó, M, “Responsible Care in Actor Training: Effective support for occupational health training in Drama Schools”, Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 6:1, pp. 59-71. (2015)
  • Seton, M, “Traumas of acting physical and psychological violence: How fact and fiction shape bodies for better or worse” Performing Ethos, 4:1, pp. 25-40. (2014)
  • Seton, M, and Trouton, L, “Deconstructing the taken-for-grantedness of institutional knowledge and power in arts education through ethical conversation: restoring the voice of the creative student”, Echoes: Ethics and Issues of Voice in Educational Research, Sense Publishers, Warren Midgley, Andy Davies, Mark Oliver and Patrick Alan Danaher (ed), Rotterdam, pp. 95-109. (2014)
  • Seton, M, “Apocalyptic and Prophetic: Revelation and Mystery in the Revival of Doctor Who”, Small Screen Revelations: Apocalypse in Contemporary Television, Sheffield Phoenix Press, James Aston and John Walliss (ed), Sheffield, pp. 164-178. (2013)
  • Seton, M, and Burvill, T, “The ‘Not-Yet Archive’ of Sidetrack Performance Group”, Scrapbooks, Snapshots and Memorabilia: the Hidden Archive of Performance, Peter Lang AG, Glen McGillivray (ed), Bern, pp. 45-66. (2011)
  • Seton, M, “The ethics of embodiment: Actor training and habitual vulnerability” Performing Ethos, 1:1, pp. 5-20. (2010)
  • Seton, M, and Burvill, T, “Access to digitized performance documentation and the AusStage database” Studies in Theatre and Performance, 30:3, pp. 305-322. (2010)
  • “Recognising and Mis-recognising the ‘x’ factor: The Audition Selection Process in Actor-training Institutions Revisited” Australasian Drama Studies, April 2007
  • “The theatrical text as a misrecognised technological practice: Shape-shifting interventions between words and bodies” in Scan: Journal of Media Arts Culture, December 2006
  • “Readers’ Forum: Will we still be right mate?”, Platform Papers No. 8, 2006, pp. 66 – 68
  • “Education Feature: Scoping Study of the Performing Arts”, RealTime, No. 56, 2003, p. 12
  • “Reproducibility: Determining Presence, Generating Absence”, Metro, No. 131/132, 2002, pp. 204 – 210
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