Attendance Requirements

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences deems satisfactory attendance to be a pre-requisite for passing a unit of study. The Department of Performance Studies interprets ‘satisfactory’ as meaning attendance at a minimum of 90% of lectures and tutorial/workshops. Unless written evidence of illness or misadventure is supplied, students who attend less than 90% of lectures and tutorial/ workshops will lose marks. Students who attend less than 50% of lectures and/or less than 50% of tutorial/workshops will fail outright. So, please, whether it is due to illness, misadventure or the sheer messiness of life, contact your unit of study co-ordinator at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss what can and must be done to salvage the situation.

The University does not recognise employment as an excuse for unsatisfactory performance, nor are timetable clashes a valid excuse; students should not take a course unless they can meet the above attendance requirement. All units of study involve much more than the lecturer or tutor simply 'imparting knowledge’ to you over a period of three or four months. It is important that you attend classes, have done the reading, and are able to contribute your developing critical faculties to each week’s content. Think in terms of rehearsal in theatre: your learning will require perseverance, a simultaneous attention to detail and to a broad arch or trajectory spanning the entire syllabus.