Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers one of the most comprehensive and distinguished Philosophy programs in the Asia-Pacific region. The research and teaching interests of staff cover the important areas of philosophy in both the Anglo-American analytic tradition and Continental philosophy.

We rank highly on the Leiter Report. For details, see, The Philosophical Gourmet Report.
Sydney philosophers are world-renowned experts who are regularly invited to keynote at prestigious international conferences. Our researchers are passionate about teaching and have interests in all areas of philosophy, including the history of ancient and early modern philosophy, the philosophy of mind, logic, aesthetics, ethics, philosophy of science, political philosophy, and critical theory, as well as many other areas. We compose a lively research community with several seminars on offer each week. We have built strong networks with philosophers in the UK, Europe, Canada, North America, and The Netherlands, and each year we host a number of international academic visitors. Students are very welcome to join this network and to attend departmental seminars, conferences, and other special research events.

The Department of Philosophy is administered by the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Latest News

  • David Harold Tribe Philosophy Award 2016

    Applications Open to the Public

    The aim of the David Harold Tribe Philosophy Award is to promote interest in philosophy and to help the recipient further their education, enabling them to develop their insights and to advance the general public’s understanding of philosophy.

    Applications close Friday, 25 November 2016 at 4 p.m.

    The award will be in the sum of $12,000 payable as a one-off payment

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