Events from 17 September, 2014

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  • 10th March, 2014 to 21st November, 2014

    Reseach Seminar Series 2014

    See the Philosophy Seminars Blog for details of what's coming up in the Department of Philosophy

  • 22nd October, 2014

    The Ethics of Empathy

    Presented by the Sydney Node of The ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Europe 1100 - 1800.

  • 17th December, 2014 to 19th December, 2014

    Workshop on Vagueness via Nonclassical Logics

    There is widespread agreement that adequate models of the semantics of vague language and of reasoning with vague information cannot be developed within the confines of classical logic. There is less agreement over which nonclassical logic is best suited for handling vagueness and indeed over whether just one logical framework is sufficient to accommodate all vagueness related phenomena. This workshop will bring together researchers working on these issues in philosophy, logic, mathematics and computer science–with special (but not exclusive) focus on approaches that appeal to degrees of truth and fuzzy logics.

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