Events in the The History of Philosophy Program

SHAPE Seminiar series

Fridays 10:30-12:00
Researchers and postgraduates in the history of philosophy regularly present their work in the SHAPE (philosophy of value, broadly conceived, on a topic social, historical, aesthetic, political or environmental) seminar series.
If you want to present a paper, please contact David Macarthur,

Sydney Ideas: Philosophy in the Age of Democracy

25 March 2014
Paul Redding and Richard Eldrige,
6 pm, Foyer, New Law Building,
University of Sydney.
See the Sydney Ideas website for more details



Nature, Culture and Mind in German Romanticism and Idealism

12-14 March 2014
Co-hosted by the University of Sydney and UNSW-Australia, sponsored by the Sydney Intellectual History Network. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Manfred Frank,
  • Richard Eldridge,
  • Kate Rigby,
  • Paul Redding,
  • Stephen Gaukroger,
  • Simon Lumsden,
  • Melissa Merrit,
  • Anik Waldow,
  • Heikki Ikäheimo and
  • Dalia Nassar.

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The Question of the Image

23-24 July 2014
SCA (University of Sydney) and UWA. Conference organiser: David Macarthur.

Principles in Early Modern Thought

27-29 August 2014
An international colloquium on the nature and status of early modern principles sponsored by USyd and organized by Peter Anstey. Speakers include: Michael LeBuffe (Otago); Ian Maclean (Oxford); William R. Newman (Indiana); Sophie Roux (ENS, Paris); Kiyoshi Shimokawa (Gakushuin, Tokoyo); Alberto Vanzo (Warwick).

Plato's Poetics

21-27 Sept 2014
A conference jointly organised by Rick Benitez and Keping Wang, hosted in Beijing. Invited speakers include: Rick Benitez (USYD), Angus Bowie (Oxford), Zhongmei Chen (BYU), Catherine Collobert (Ottowa), Stephen Halliwell (St. Andrews),Marguerite Johnson (Newcastle), Kathryn Morgan (UCLA), Penelope Murray (em. Warwick), Gerard Naddaf (York), Tom Robinson (Toronto), Samuel Scolnicov (Jerusalem), Keping Wang (Beijing)


Conference of the International Society for Intellectual History, organiser: Stephen Gaukroger


Annual Conference of the International Hume Society, organizer Anik Waldow, Eric Schliesser (Ghent), Michael Gill (Arizona), keynote speakers: Alison Gopnik (Berkeley), Shaun Nichols (Arizona), Christine Swanton (Auckland), Stephen Buckle (ACU)


  • 4 April 2014
    Early Modern Persons and Consciousness. organisers Anik Waldow and Vili Lähteenmäki; speakers include: Stephen Gaukroger, Peter Anstey, David Macarthur.
  • September 2014
    Emotions and Politics: Spinoza and Hobbes. with Ericka Tucker, Moira Gatens, (Duncan Ivison).


  • Summer
    “Plato’s Myths”, convener Rick Benitez, Tuesdays 10-1 Quadrangle N496
  • Semester 2
    “Spinoza, Hobbes, and the connection between emotion theory, moral psychology and political philosophy”, conveners Ericka Tucker and Anik Waldow.

Visitors in 2014

  • Katherine Dunlop (University of Texas)
  • Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College)
  • Yahei Kanayama (University of Nagoya, Japan)
  • Vili Leahteenmaeki (University of Helsinki)
  • Ericka Tucker (Cal Poly Pomona, California)