Postgraduate prizes and scholarships

These prizes and scholarships are awarded by the Department of Philosophy on the basis of academic merit. Some scholarships may be subject to special conditions.

Please note: prize amounts listed below are only a guide and are subject to change.

For all other scholarships, please contact the Scholarships Office

Andrew Donald Campbell Memorial Prize

Cash Award: $300.00 (2016)

Awarded to the postgraduate student presenting the best essay in metaphysics or epistemology, preferably showing the most effective use of electronic information technology in the conduct of the research leading to the essay.

Established in 1998 by a donation from Professor and Mrs Keith Campbell as a memorial to their son, who died in an accident in October 1997.

2016: Eleanor Gordon-Smith and Jesse Miller
2015: Adam Lees
2014: Andrew Latham
2013: James Norton and Simon Varey
2012: Michael Duncan
2011: Christopher Wilcox
2010: Karen Crowther
2009: Byron Clugston
2008: Sam Baron
2007: John Daniel Cusbert
2006: Albert Haig and Andres Van Toledo
2005: Stephen Cox

Lucy Firth Scholarships in Philosophy

Established in 1997 by a bequest from the estate of Miss Lucy Firth, to provide opportunities for able students to gain, as she felt she had, from having a University education in Sydney. Miss Firth particularly valued study in Philosophy and Psychology.

Lucy Firth Publication Prize
Awarded on the basis of academic performance in postgraduate research as evidenced by publications of sufficient merit (eg book chapter, refereed article). To be eligible one must be a current full-time postgraduate research student in the department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

2015: Millie Churcher, Wesley Fang, Anthony Hooper, Xavier Symons, Elena Walsh

2014: Pierrick Bourrat, James Dorahy, Michael Duncan, Adam Hochman, Sarah Lucas, Lacey Saw, Ayoob Shahmoradi, Xavier Symons

2013: Pierrick Bourrat, Ben Bramble, Andrew Cooper, Karen Crowther, Adam Hochman, James Norton

2012: Pierrick Bourrat, Karen Crowther, Adam Hochman, Anthony Hooper, Fabien Medvecky, Talia Morag, Louise Richardson-Self, Lucy Smith

2011: Matthew Abbott, Samuel Baron, Pierrick Bourrat, Ben Bramble, Ben Herscovitch, Anthony Hooper, Harriet Johnson, Raamy Majeed, Steven Robertson, Karim Thebault

2010: Matthew Abbott, Samuel Baron, Peter Evans, Kyla Reid, Timothy Smartt, John Zerilli

Lucy Firth Graduate Scholarship
Awarded only to exceptional students, subject to enrolment in a graduate program at the University of Sydney.

2011: Susanna Saracco

Lucy Firth Meritorious MPhil Completion Prize
Awarded to meritorious MPhil students upon completion of their MPhil on the condition that awardees finish in a satisfactory manner and have been offered a PhD placement in an overseas program.

2012: Tim Smartt

Meritorious Enrollees (ME) and Meritorious Performers (MP) (superseded 2010)
Awarded to current full-time postgraduate research students in the Department of Philosophy as Meritorious Enrollees (on the basis of academic merit in the first year of postgraduate study) or as Meritorious Performers (on the basis of academic performance in postgraduate research as evidenced by publications of sufficient merit, eg a book chapter or refereed article.

2010: Kyla Reid (MP), Shan Gao (MP)

2008: Samuel Baron (ME), Matthew Hammerton (ME), Annette Larrea (MP), Jurgen Lawrenz (MP), Nicholas Carl Malpas (ME)

2007: Alastair Goff (MP), Talia Morag (MP), Ali Akbar Navabi (MP)
Shane Waugh (MP)