Department of Philosophy Research Strengths

Sydney Philosophy tops AUD6.5 million in two-year funding bonanza

In November 2017 the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney added two more Australian Research Council (ARC) grants to the suite of grants that it has bagged over the last two years. Mark Colyvan and Brian Hedden took out a Discovery grant (AUD278K) for a project on Formal Approaches to Legal Reasoning, and David Braddon-Mitchell and Kristie Miller were awarded a Discovery grant (AUD200K) for their work on the relations between scientific and folk perspectives on the nature of time.

These grants come on the back of Paul Griffiths’ ARC Laureate Fellowship (AUD2.6M) for his Philosophy of Medicine for the 21st Century project and Miller’s ARC Future Fellowship (AUD908K) on ‘A Life in Time’. Together with Griffiths’ Templeton Foundation grant (AUD752K) for work on Constructing Objective Biological Criteria of Health, total funding awarded to Sydney Philosophy in 2017 is over AUD4.7 million. Together with the nearly 2 million of funding awarded in 2016 to Moira Gatens, Anik Waldow, Arnaud Pocheville, Griffiths, Colyvan and Hedden, Sydney philosophers are setting the pace in humanities research.

Areas of Research Expertise

The Department's areas of research expertise include philosophy of science — especially biology and cognitive science, history of philosophy — especially early modern, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, decision theory, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of law, pragmatism, and moral, social and political philosophy.

For more information see the Philosophy Department's academic staff research profiles.

Weekly Seminars

The Department of Philosophy has a vibrant research seminar series.

  • Wednesday seminars are held in The Muniment Room (S401) in the Main Quadrangle from 1–2:30pm each Wednesday, followed by afternoon tea in the Philosophy Common Room (S413).
  • Current Projects seminars are held in The Muniment Room (S401) in the Main Quadrangle from 3–4:30pm each Thursday.

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Russellian Society

The Russellian Society is the student philosophy society of the University of Sydney, and hosts regular philosophy talks and events. For details, see the Russoc Facebook group.