Honorary and Research Associates may be contacted by fax on +612 9351 3918.

Emeritus Professors
Keith Campbell, FAHA
Paul Crittenden
George Markus, FAHA
Paul Redding, FAHA

Honorary Professors
Helen Beebee
Peter Godfrey-Smith
Douglas Moggach
Huw Price, FBA, FAHA
Paul Thom, FAHA

Honorary Associate Professor
David Miller

Honorary Research Associates
Thomas Besch
Sung Ho Choi
Simon Duffy
Robert Dunn
Peter Evans
Luke Fischer
Michael McDermott
Alejandro Perez Carballo
Roderick Sutherland
Omid Tofighian

Other Affiliates
Giovanna Miolli

  • Professor Helen Beebee

    Department of Philosophy
    School of Philosophy, Theology & Religion
    University of Birmingham
  • Thomas Besch
    Research Fellow, The University of Hradec Kralove (CZ)
  • Emeritus Professor Keith Campbell, FAHA
  • Dr Sung Ho Choi
  • Dr John Corbett
  • Emeritus Professor Paul Crittenden

    Room N275, Institute Building Annexe
    +612 9351 2364
    Research Interests: Existentialism, Medieval Philosophy, Contemporary European Philosophy.
  • Jean Curthoys

    Research Interests: Vic Dudman's grammatical approach to semantics; the
    political philosophy of social democracy.
  • Dr Simon Duffy

    Research interests: Early modern philosophy, European philosophy, and the history and philosophy of science.
  • Associate Professor Robert Dunn

    Room 823, Brennan/MacCallum Building A18
    +612 9036 5246
    Research Interests: Theories of Self-knowledge, Theories of Agency, Moral Psychology and Moral Metaphysics.
  • Dr Peter Evans

    Research Interests: Philosophy of science/philosophy of physics; Quantum field theory/quantum foundations; Metaphysics of spacetime.
  • Luke Fischer
  • Professor Peter Godfrey-Smith

  • Emeritus Professor George Markus, FAHA

    Room N275, Institute Building Annexe
    +612 9351 2364
    Research Interests: Philosophy of Culture, History of Aesthetics, Modernity, European Philosophy, Dialectics.
  • Dr Claudio Mazzola
  • Dr Michael McDermott
  • Assoc Prof David Miller
  • Ms Giovanna Miolli
  • Professor Douglas Moggach
  • Dr AlejandroPerez Carballo
  • Professor Philip Pettit, FASSA, FAAAS, MRIA, FBA, FAHA
  • Professor Huw Price, FBA, FAHA

    Research and supervision interests: include time-asymmetry, the philosophy of quantum mechanics, and pragmatic approaches to philosophy of language and metaphysics. Details and online copies of most of his publications are available via his home page.

  • Emeritus Professor Paul Redding, FAHA

    Dr Roderick Sutherland
  • Professor Paul Thom, FAHA
    Research Interests: History of Logic; Philosophy of the Arts
  • Dr Omid Tofighian