Philosophy major: units of study

The full list of units of study available to the Philosophy major is provided below. Please note that this list is for information purposes only and that not all units will be on offer each year. For a list of the units of study on offer in a particular year, please refer to the relevant Handbook.

PHIL1010 Society, Knowledge and Reason
PHIL1011 Reality, Ethics and Beauty
PHIL1012 Introductory Logic
PHIL1013 Society, Knowledge and Self
PHIL1016 Mind and Morality HSC unit
PHIL2600 Twentieth Century Philosophy
PHIL2605 Early Modern Theories of Perception
PHIL2606 Knowledge, Reason and Action
PHIL2607 Eighteenth Century French Philosophy
PHIL2609 Contemporary French Philosophy
PHIL2610 Exploring Nonclassical Logic
PHIL2611 Problems of Empiricism
PHIL2612 History of Ethics
PHIL2613 Plato and Aristotle
PHIL2614 The Presocratics
PHIL2615 Intermediate Logic
PHIL2616 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL2617 Practical Ethics
PHIL2618 Aesthetics and Art
PHIL2619 Philosophy of Mathematics
PHIL2620 Probability and Decision Theory
PHIL2621 Truth, Meaning and Language
PHIL2622 Reality, Time & Possibility: Metaphysics
PHIL2623 Moral Psychology
PHIL2625 Hannah Arendt
PHIL2626 Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
PHIL2627 Philosophy and Psychiatry
PHIL2628 Elementary Logic
PHIL2629 Descartes and Continental Philosophy
PHIL2630 Philosophy of Modern Physics
PHIL2631 Philosophical Logic
PHIL2632 Modernity in Crisis
PHIL2633 Theorising Modernity
PHIL2634 Democratic Theory
PHIL2635 Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL2638 Husserl's Phenomenology
PHIL2639 Heidegger's Phenomenology
PHIL2640 Environmental Philosophy
PHIL2642 Critical Thinking
PHIL2643 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2644 Critical Theory: From Marx to Foucault
PHIL2645 Philosophy of Law
PHIL2646 Philosophy and Literature
PHIL2647 The Philosophy of Happiness
PHIL2648 19th Century Philosophy: Kant to Nietzsche
PHIL2649 The Classical Mind
PHIL2650 Logic and Computation
PHIL2651 Bodies and Passions
PHIL2655 Philosophical Ethics
PHIL2658 Philosophy in Film
PHIL2660 Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein
PHIL2661 Philosophy of Sex
PHIL2663 Justice
PHIL2664 Philosophy of Nature and the Environment
PHIL2665 Philosophy of Economics
PHIL2667 From Illusion to Reality
PHIL3615 Contemporary Pragmatism
PHIL3617 Practical Ethics
PHIL3618 Pre-Honours Seminar
PHIL3638 Hegel
PHIL3639 Hellenistic Philosophy
PHIL3643 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL3647 The Philosophy of Happiness
PHIL3651 Emotions and Embodied Cognition
PHIL3655 Philosophical Ethics
PHIL3662 Reality, Time & Possibility: Metaphysics
PHIL3663 Justice
PHIL3681 Aesthetics and Art
BDST3611 Buddhist Philosophical Traditions