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PHIL2607 - Eighteenth Century French Philosophy

Semester 1, 2018  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Peter Robert Anstey
Phone: +61 2 9351 2477
Email: peter.anstey@sydney.edu.au


This unit examines the thought of the central French philosophers of the eighteenth century from Voltaire to Rousseau, including the work of Diderot, d'Alembert and the encyclopaedists. It will trace the impact of, as well as reactions to, the new science and Locke's empiricist philosophy, and it will examine changing attitudes to religion and society.


1x1000wd tutorial exercise, 1x500wd essay plan, 1x3000wd essay


Readings will be available from the University Copy Centre


1x2 hour lecture, 1x1hr tutorial per week


  9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm






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