Units of study

PHIL2667 - From Illusion to Reality

Semester 1, 2018  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dominic Kenneth Dimech
Email: dominic.dimech@sydney.edu.au


What is the boundary between reality and illusion? Can we be certain that we do not just project our own feelings and thoughts onto reality? Can we know that we are not dreaming? This unit will address these questions by analysing sceptical arguments and theories of knowledge from antiquity to modernity. The unit is designed to introduce students to epistemological topics in the historical context, thereby offering the basis for further studies in contemporary epistemology, metaphysics and philosophy of mind.


1x1500wd Scaffolded Essay (50%), 1x3000wd Take-home Exercise (50%)


1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week


  10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm





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