PE Seminar Series | The Political Economy of Inequality: Taking stock and flowing...

22 May, 2018
4:00pm - 5:30pm


Concern with inequality has become politically mainstream during this decade. But what is really at stake? Why does it matter? What could be done – and by whom?

A huge literature on inequality has developed, including important contributions by Piketty, Milanovic, Stiglitz, Schneider, Pottinger & King, Wilkinson & Pickett, Dorling and others. Can we draw on this to develop a political economic approach that is coherent and useful descriptively, analytically and politically?

I am currently addressing this challenge in writing a book that is pitched at both university courses and concerned general readers. The seminar will describe the approach I’m taking and provide an opportunity for questions, critical feedback and discussion before the manuscript is sent to the publisher.


About the speaker:

Frank Stilwell is a well known critic of conventional economics and an advocate of alternative economic strategies which prioritise social justice and economic sustainability. He has taught for over 40 years at the University and twice been awarded the University's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Frank Stilwell's research interests centre on Australian economic policies, urban and regional development and economic inequality. He is the author of eleven books, including Economic Inequality, the Accord and Beyond, Understanding Cities and Regions, Reshaping Australia, Changing Track : a new political economic direction for Australia; Political Economy: the Contest of Economic Ideas, and Who Gets What? Analysing Economic Inequality in Australia (with Kirrly Jordan). He has also co-edited five other books, including Economics as a Social Science and Beyond the Market : Alternatives to Economic Rationalism.

Location: New Law LT 104, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney