PE Seminar Series | Political Modernity in the Postcolony: A Perspective from India's Bhil Heartland

6 September, 2018
4:00pm - 5:30pm


Speaker: Alf Nilsen



How do we conceptualize political modernity in the contemporary postcolony? This talk engages this question through an analysis of the roles played by law, civil society, and citizenship in the social movements of Bhil Adivasis in western India. Engaging critically with Partha Chatterjee's recent work, I suggest that the meanings and practices that we associate with universalizing democratic vocabularies have always been shaped and reshaped – and, crucially, expanded in more progressive and encompassing directions – by the mobilizations of subaltern groups in the postcolony.

The talk is based on my forthcoming book Adivasis and the State: Subalternity and Citizenship in the Bhil Heartland, which is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.


Location: Merewether Seminar Room 498, Butlin Avenue, University of Sydney