SSPS HDR Ethics Seminar

31 May, 2017
10:00am - 12:00pm

This seminar is for SSPS Higher Degree Research students only.

The approach to ethics in research currently does not fully understand or incorporate the changes in the dynamical synthetic ecology in which our systems actually operate. This has been made even more complex and potentially uncertain and unstable through the levels of socio-info/techno connectivity we now enjoy compared to three decades ago. Our decisions and solutions are often deeply entangled in ways that it is almost impossible to measure (Atkinson 2010). This short talk will look at the place of ethics in our rapidly changing world and the indivisibility between ethics and technology, as we enter the Quantum Age.

This seminar will be conducted by Dr Jean Jonathan Bogais and Ms Patricia Engelmann.

Dr Jean Jonathan Bogais is a sociologist (political sociology and social/intercultural psychology), an analyst and a foreign affairs specialist with academic and professional expertise in conflict, violence, ethics and complex systems. Ms Patricia Engelmann is in Research Integrity and Ethics Administration in the Research Office.

There will be two parts to this seminar:

1. Discussion on ethics by Dr Bogais. This includes and is not limited to: History of ethics, Martin Heidegger (The Experiment), discussion on values, Rights vs. Harm, and many more.

2. Ethics application process at the University of Sydney by Dr Bogais and Ms Engelmann. This will cover the HREC application process, relationship between researchers and supervisors in the process, whether the research benefits participants and when it can harm them, and many more.


Location: ABS Seminar Room 2003

Contact:Tirta Swari