Events from 1 October, 2016

  • Date
  • 6th October, 2016
    4:00pm - 5:30pm

    PE Seminar Series | Law, Skills and the Creation of Jobs as ‘Contract’ Work in India

    This seminar will discuss the question as to whether the change in the Indian labour law over the last decade is an appropriate direction for labour law reform. In this context Jaivir Singh (guest speaker from Jawaharlal Nehru University) will invoke the incomplete contracts framework to approach the problem.

  • 13th October, 2016

    Joint Seminar ANTH & PE | Curated Stories: How Storytelling is Hindering Social Change

    In the contemporary era we have seen a proliferation of storytelling activities, from the phenomenon of TED talks and Humans of New York to a plethora of story-coaching agencies and consultants. Professor Sujatha Fernandes' talk, based on her forthcoming book, seeks to understand the rise of this storytelling culture alongside a broader shift to neoliberal free market economies. Suturing together a Foucaultian account of neoliberal reason with Marxian and Gramscian accounts of class formation, Fernandes develops a concept of the political economy of storytelling. 

  • 18th October, 2016
    6:00pm (drinks reception 5:15pm)

    2016 9th Annual Wheelwright Lecture in Political Economy

    Join the Department of Political Economy in the 9th Wheelwright Lecture. This year Professor David Ruccio from University of Notre Dame will present on 'Utopia and the Critique of Political Economy'.

  • 19th October, 2016

    Class Acts in Political Economy

    As part of the activities linked to his delivery of the 9th Annual Wheelwright Lecture, David Ruccio (University of Notre Dame) will be engaging in a unique event with Katherine Gibson (Western Sydney University) to discuss their path breaking contributions to class analysis in theory and practice. In collaboration with Gleebooks, both  authors will be presenting a focus on how class 'acts' in political economy.