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  • 'When there's friction we're very frank' [15 January 2018]

    Alex Houseman and Eleanor Nurse met while completing their honours in Political Economy, and have gone on to create a a successful dairy-free ice cream business, Over The Moo. They spoke with Sydney Morning Herald about the challenges and rewards of starting a business and keeping a balanced working relationship. Read more.


  • A new critique of neoliberal reason[12 January 2018]

    Since the financial crisis of 2007/2008 movements like Occupy Wall Street have produced a degree of popular engagement with questions about finance, that hasn't been seen since the late 19th century. In his latest book, Capital and Time, A/Prof Martijn Konings explains why in this new context it's important to get our critique of the financial system right.


  • The time of finance[10 January 2018]

    A critique of Professor Steve Keen's take on Minsky, and a discussion of the contemporary meaning of Keynesianism, by A/Prof Martijn Konings for the Los Angeles Review of Books.