Prizes and Scholarships

Undergraduate Prizes

Prizes are awarded annually for top students in Political Economy. List of Prizes:
E.L. Wheelwright Prize ECOP1001
Geelum Simpson-Lee Prize ECOP1002 and ECOP1003
J.K. Galbrauth Prize ECOP2000 units
Sir Hermann Black Prize ECOP 2012
Paul M. Sweezy Prize ECOP3000 units
Gunnar Myrdal Prize ECOP4000 units

Frank Stilwell Award in Political Economy: Criteria

The Department of Political Economy invites applications from Postgraduate Research Students who are completing the first or subsequent year of their candidature to be considered for the Frank Stilwell Award in Political Economy. The Award will be available to students who have made satisfactory progress towards completion of their degree and who merit the award of the scholarship on hardship grounds.

Application will be welcomed from PGR students who are making satisfactory progress in their research as determined by the Postgraduate Research Student Progress Committee.

The award of the Frank Stilwell Award in Political Economy will be made to the student judged to be the most meritorious student by the Department of Political Economy’s Scholarship Award Committee. In making the award this Committee will give priority to applications from students enrolled in the PhD program, and if there is not a successful candidate selected from this cohort, the award could be made to students enrolled in the M.Phil program and M.A. (Research) program.

Applications should be submitted by the close of business, 30 November, to the Head of the Department of Political Economy and will be awarded to the successful candidate upon her/his re-enrolment at the commencement of the new academic year. The award is presently valued at $5,000.00. A student may receive the Frank Stilwell Award in Political Economy once during their candidature. Only students not in receipt of a postgraduate research scholarship (including the APA or UPA) are eligible for consideration for this award.

Applications should address the following criteria:
(a) An outline of the progress of their candidature;
(b) Any achievements, such as publications or conference presentations arising from their research, during the course of their candidature;
(c) Evidence of hardship, which should indicate how the award will assist the applicant in progressing her/his studies.