Artists as readers in the Renaissance: seminar by Dr. Alessandro della Latta

13 March, 2012
12.30pm - 2.00pm

The Departments of Art History and Film Studies and Italian Studies at the University of Sydney, along with the Italian Cultural Institute and Power Institute, are proud to present a special research seminar by Dr Alessandro della Latta from the Fondazione per l’Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (Milan and Florence), which will explore artists’ culture in the Renaissance and the early identity of the artist. 


Many decades of studies of icons and relationships between art and literature – from Aby Warburg, through Panofsky, until the more recent "word & image" interactions – have implicitly raised many questions about the intellectual training of the artists in the early Modern Age. 

If often works of art reflect a complex interweaving of literary culture, reception of Antiquity and a fledgling humanist philology, what was their intellectual identity? In what terms did they dialogue with humanists who were forging the image of the Renaissance artist? What might have been the cultural education enabling them to engage with classical literature?

The few surviving books owned by artists, a philological analysis of their writings and signatures (revealing influences of ancient arts and literature) offer valuable case studies to explore these questions, to better understand how the social and cultural status of artists evolved from early Renaissance to the Modern Age.  


The seminar is organised by the Department of Art History and Film Studies, the Power Institute and the Department of Italian Studies, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, Sydney. 



Location: Rogers Room, Woolley Building A20, University of Sydney

Contact:Susan Thomas