Lecture by Professor Elizabeth Grosz: Bacon, Deleuze and Imperceptible Forces

18 October, 2012
6.00 - 7.30pm


In conjunction with the soon to be opened Bacon exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, the Power Institute is delighted to present a lecture on two great cultural figures, by a preeminent feminist thinker - the brilliant scholar, Elizabeth Grosz. This talk will focus on the complex relation between Francis Bacon and Giles Deleuze, who wrote one of the most perceptive and sympathetic books on Bacon's painting, Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation. As Professor Grosz explains, Deleuze did not really write Bacon so much as with him on a question that intrigued both of them - the possibilities we might unearth for perceiving or understanding forces that are normally imperceptible, forces of magnetism, gravity, causality and chance, forces of aging and disintegration.

A full bio of Professor Grosz can be found here.









Location: Room 101 Law Lecture Theatre, Law Buildin, University of Sydney

Contact:Susan Thomas