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About JOSA and OSA
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About JOSA & OSA

History of JOSA

The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA) has been published continuously from 1960. It is the oldest journal on Asia currently published in Australia. In 2002, with volume 34, an indes of the journal contents covering the 42 year history of the journal was published. That index lists 254 articles: 133 on China, 58 on Japan, 30 on South East Asia, 22 on South Asia, 3 on Korea, 3 on Mongolia, 2 on Tibet, and 1 each on Burma, Cambodia, the Middle East and Sri Lanka. The journal distribution covers 85 academic institutions worldwide.

During the 42 year history of JOSA there have bee three editors. The first and founding editor was the late Professor A. R. Davis, formerly Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Sydney which has provided a safe home for the journal during its history. Every year the Oriental Society of Australia honours the memory of its founder by sponsoring an A. R. Davis Memorial Lecture which is printed in the journal.