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The Archaeology of Kythera

Kythera cover

Timothy E. Gregory and Lita Tzortsopoulou-Gregory
Meditarch (2015)
ISBN: 9780958026567

The Archaeology of Kythera is co-authored by Professor Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University, USA) and Dr Lita Tzortsopoulou-Gregory (Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens), who have decades of experience working and living on the island. Together they direct the the Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey. This book, which covers the material culture and history of the island from Neolithic times until the modern era, is the result of years of research and reflects the deep familiarity and rapport its authors have with Kythera. A must for all Kytherians and visitors to the island!

416 pages
172 x 251 mm
Richly illustrated in colour throughout

The publication of The Archaeology of Kythera has been made possible by a generous subsidy from the Aroney Trust.

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Egyptian Art in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney

Edited by Karin N. Sowada and Boyo G. Ockinga
Meditarch (2005)
ISBN 0-9580-265-1-3, 320 pages, 8 col. plates, 56 b/w plates
The Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney holds Australia’s most important collection of artefacts from the land of the pharaohs. Many pieces were acquired in 1856/7 during a trip to Egypt by one of the University’s founders, Sir Charles Nicholson, who gathered together an eclectic group of objects drawn from many sites and periods of Egyptian history. This book presents 25 essays about the collection and its history, written by leading scholars from around the world. Many of the objects, highly important in their own right, have never been published before.

Egyptian Art is a companion volume to Classical Art in the Nicholson Museum, published in 1995.

  • Karin N. Sowada, Sir Charles Nicholson: An Early Scholar-Traveller in Egypt
  • D.A. Aston, The Shabti of Si-Iah
  • Christine Beinlich-Seeber, Painted Judgement Scene on Wood, R344
  • Susanne Binder, The Twelfth Hour of the Amduat
  • V.G. Callender, The Grafton Elliot Smith Collection
  • Marc Coenen, A Preliminary Survey of the Books of the Dead on Papyrus and Linen in the Nicholson Museum
  • Marianne Eaton-Krauss, The Sydney Goddess
  • Kathryn O. Eriksson, Relations between Egypt and Cyprus during the reign of Tuthmosis III: Evidence from Abydos Tomb D114 (1899-1900) and Abydos Tomb D114 (1912-1913)
  • Jac. and Rosalind Janssen, A Dog on a Tile
  • David Jeffreys, An Amarna Period Relief from Memphis
  • Jana Jones, The Shroud of Tny, R92: A Textile Analysis
  • Robert Morkot, A Kushite Royal Woman, perhaps a God’s Wife of Amun
  • Maya Müller, Head of a High Official from Deir el-Bahari
  • K. Myśliwiec and A. Kowalska, Fragment of a Wooden Coffin of a Child
  • Andrzej Niwiński, Fragments of the Early 22nd Dynasty Inner Coffin of the Theban Priest of Amun, Nesy-Pauty-Tauy
  • Boyo G. Ockinga, The Shroud of Tny, R92: An early example of Book of the Dead 100 on Linen
  • Klaus Parlasca, Roman Mummy Masks
  • Geraldine Pinch, The Nicholson Museum Hathor Capital
  • John Ray, Inscriptions and Ostraca in the Nicholson Museum: Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Demotic and Carian
  • Janet Richards, The μ50 Group and the Abydos Cemeteries during the Middle Kingdom
  • R.T. Sparks, The Taweret Workshop: Nicholson Museum Inv. 00.107 and Related Vessels
  • John H. Taylor, The Coffin of Padiashaikhet
  • Jacobus van Djik, An 18th Dynasty Pottery Stela with a Hymn to Re
  • Janina Wiercińska, Fragment of a Wall Relief from the Temple of Tuthmosis III at Deir el-Bahari
  • David Wise, The Shroud of Tny, R92: A Pigment Analysis

Index of Royal and Personal Names on Nicholson Museum Objects
Index of Titles on Nicholson Museum Objects
Plates 1-64
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Pompeii Revisited-The Life and Death of a Roman Town (OUT OF PRINT)

Meditarch (1994)

Pompeii Revisited-The Life and Death of a Roman Town was published on the occasion of the Pompeii Rediscovered exhibition, on show at the Australian Museum in Sydney from September 1994 till January 1995. Written by Jean-Paul Descœudres (mainly with Yr 11 and 12 High School and undergraduate University students in mind) and edited by Derek Harrison, the lavishly illustrated book also includes contributions by a dozen experts on life in ancient Pompeii.