Editors: Dr Jadran Mimica and Dr Nancy Williams

Department of Anthropology, SSPS, Mills Building A26, University of Sydney NSW 2006. ; Department of Anthropology, University of Queensland, Queensland 4069.

Book review editors: (Department of Anthropology, SSPS, Mills Building A26, University of Sydney NSW 2006) and Thiago Oppermann

Administrative Assistant: Ms Tigger Wise, Oceania Publications, University of Sydney NSW 2006.

The journal

Oceania is a fully refereed journal which is published online and in print versions three times a year. Oceania publishes contributions in the field of social and cultural anthropology. Its primary regional orientation is to the peoples of Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and insular southeast Asia. The central concern of the journal lies with papers that are the product of sustained ethnographic research, but review articles and papers that have direct bearing on the central ethnographic concerns of the journal are also accepted. Correspondence and shorter comments may be published at the discretion of the editor.

Submissions must be original works not previously published and not under consideration, or scheduled for publication, by another publisher. Manuscripts should generally be 5,000 to 12,000 words including references. However, we also recognize that in an ethnographic journal there is a place for longer papers that are not yet on the scale of a monograph.
Oceania also encourages the submission of thematically connected collections of papers by guest editors. Potential guest editors should consult with the editor on issues of length, style and organization of the collection before submission. In such cases, refereeing will be done as a collection.


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