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International Conferences

The Donatist Controversy In Context Colloquium- Trinity Hall, Cambridge March 2014.

A major international colloquium will take place investigating the role of the Donatist Controversy in the development of North African Christianity as well as placing Donatism in its social, political and cultural context in the Late Roman world.

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Christian Baptistery 2 Bardo Museum Tunis
  • 2015: A planned colloquium on the Kingdom of Meroë, Sudan.
  • An APAPD project on the role of Declinism in the Later Roman Empire has recently been awarded a Large Grant from The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Support Scheme (FRSS) and a further grant from the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry Research Support Scheme. For details see

Supporters Network

ANAPD proposes to establish a supporters network to enable interested persons to become involved in its activities.

Research Activities

ANAPD is undertaking a project relating to the growth of Declinism in the late Roman world.


  • ANAPD is supporting the final publication of the important excavations in the Bir Messaouda precinct in ancient Carthage, directed by Dr Richard Miles.
  • ANAPD is proposing to arrange publications of the papers at its Donatist Colloquium

Visiting Scholars

Anderw Merrills

In 2014, ANAPD will be hosting Dr Andrew Merrills at the University of Sydney between February and August. He is a Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Leicester in the UK. He previously held research positions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the world of late Antique North Africa, and on ancient geographical thought. While in Sydney, Dr Merrills will be working on a project concerning the ‘Moorish’ or ‘Berber’ polities which dominated the Maghrib between the eclipse of Roman power and the Arab Conquest (c.400-c.700 CE).

Dr Merrills will be doing 3 lectures in the University of Sydney they will be hosted at the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern studies of Australia (CCANESA), Room 480 – lvl 4 Madsen Building F09 and at the Nicholson Museum


In 2013 ANAPD hosted Professor David Mattingly in May 2013 at the University of Sydney. He is Professor of Archaeology at University of Leicester and a Fellow of the British Academy. He is an internationally renowned expert on the archaeology of ancient North Africa and has led many excavations and surveys in Libya and Tunisia. Professor Mattingly has written a number of books on the archaeology of ancient North Africa and Roman imperialism. This year he has delivered the prestigious Jerome Lectures at the University of Michigan and the American Academy in Rome.
Professor Mattingly visited the University of Sydney as a William Ritchie Fellow.

Prof David Mattingly’s lectures in Australia were all hosted in the University of Sydney at the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern studies of Australia (CCANESA), Room 480 – lvl 4 Madsen Building F09

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Seminars and Lectures:

by Dr Andrew Merrills

Roman Nile-ism: Authority and Geography in the Late Republic and Early Empire
Thu 10th April, 4.15pm (Classics Seminar) CCANESA, level 4, Madsen Building.

The pump don’t work ‘cause the Vandals took the handle
Wed 11 June 2014. 6.30pm. Nicholson Museum. See Whatson

Over the Moors, take me to the Moors: approaching the history of North Africa, c.300-700’
Wed 28 May 6.00pm, CCANESA level 4 Madsen Building. Click here for brochure

Andrew Merrills
Andrew Merrills

Dr Andrew Merrills

by Prof David Matitngly.

Africa in the Roman Empire: New Perspectives on Old Ruins
Monday 13 May 2013, 6.30pm

Roman Imperialism: a Study of Power and Identity
Thursday 16 May 2013, 4.30pm

Beyond the Roman Frontiers: the Garamantes of the Libyan Saharan
Friday 17 May 2013, 11.00am-1.00pm

Prof David Matitngly

Prof David Matitngly