About Us


The Archaeology of Sydney Research Group (ASRG) is a joint initiative between staff from the Department of Archaeology, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, University of Sydney and professional archaeologists and researchers. ASRG provides a focus and forum for supporting, developing and promoting research, professional, educational and other public benefit outcomes from archaeology conducted in the Greater Sydney region.

Shared Research Themes to guide future activities and funding applications include:

  • Life in Sydney: Food and diet, fish and marine resources, market gardening; Ethnicity and gender; Mercantilism.
    Convicts: Convict institutions; development of a free society.
    Industry and Infrastructure: Maritime, potteries, defence, transport, standing buildings
  • Landscapes: Urbanisation, Aboriginal land use, Parramatta, cemeteries
    Aboriginal Sydney: Stone tool evolution, resource use, land use patterns, rock art, contact
  • Public Archaeology and Heritage: Synthesis and publication, grey literature, sustainable digital archives, public education
  • History of Sydney Archaeology

New South Wales Archaeology Online (NSW AOL) is a major ASRG project, which to date has created an open-access digital archive of pre-1995 archaeological reports to preserve and disseminate the earlier work of Sydney archaeologists (see Projects), while an edited research publication (Clarke et. al. 2012) presents more recent work on Sydney archaeology and heritage by ASRG associates. ASRG seeks further linkages and collaborations with other interested researchers, professionals, industry partners, students and community groups.

Reference: Clarke, A., S. Colley and M. Gibbs 2012. Aboriginal prehistory, historical and contemporary archaeology in the Sydney Basin. Archaeology in Oceania 47(2):57-59.