Denis Gojak

Following a period of archaeological consultancy work I was the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Historical Archaeologist for 13 years. This included detailed work on Sydney's fortifications as well as historic mining, whaling and convict sites, rural homesteads and heritage management throughout NSW. In 2000 I joined the NSW Department of Planning as their Heritage Asset Manager. This was focussed on conserving a small number of heritage sites in greater Sydney, including the Chinese market gardens in Rockdale.

In 2002 I took a break from the NSW Public Sector to private consultancy work with Banksia Heritage + Archaeology. My work included the management of a large archaeological research investigation at the town of Marulan, on the Hume Highway, southwest of Sydney. In 2009 I joined the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority as a Senior Heritage Specialist. This is a new state-wide challenge managing RTA's own heritage estate which includes convict roads, timber bridges and historic surveying equipment, and managing development impacts on Aboriginal and historic heritage in road construction. Since the RTA become the Roads and Maritime Authority I have also had to better understand NSW maritime heritage, particularly the remaining evidence of Sydney as a working port for the past two centuries.

As well as my work I am currently enrolled at the University of Sydney as a part-time PhD candidate, examining the alleged 'secret visitor' claims for the discovery of Australia before the 17th century Dutch and Captain Cook on the east coast, and understanding why such ideas remain popular despite all the evidence.

Archaeology of standing buildings  Camperdown cemetary  Market Garden