Some Relevant Events since Forecasts Were Published

Central African Republic

30/9/15 Central African Republic: Aid Groups Seek Better Access to Strife-Torn Capital

30/9/15 Central African Republic warning over 'blood diamonds'

29/9/15 Dozens Killed in Clashes in Central African Republic

28/9/15 Central African Republic: Hundreds Escape Prison Amid Days of Unrest

18/12/14 Central African Republic: Deadly Strife

10/10/14 U.N. Patrol Is Attacked in Central Africa

24/09/14 ICC to probe Central African Republic's 'endless war crimes'

16/08/14 Deadly Attacks in Central Africa

11/08/14 Central African Republic crisis: Rebels reject new Muslim PM Kamoun

26/07/14 Central African Republic: Where rumours can kill in seconds

24/06/14 Central African Republic clashes 'kills at least 18'

6/06/14 Central African Republic crisis: War crimes committed - UN

4/06/14 Central African Republic bans phone text messages

29/05/14 CAR mosque in Bangui destroyed following church attack

28/05/14 CAR Seleka rebels kill many in Bangui church attack

20/05/14 Central African Republic's Seleka rebels reorganise

18/05/14 Sorcery at War

2/05/14 Central African Republic: Gunmen Kill at Least 15 in a Border Town

27/04/14 CAR crisis: Peacekeepers escort Muslims out of Bangui

10/04/14 Viewpoint: Central African Republic 'must not become another Rwanda'

9/04/14 Central African Republic: Violence leaves '30 dead'

2/04/14 EU-Africa leaders discuss CAR crisis at summit

1/04/14 U.N. Issues New Warnings on Central African Republic

31/03/14 CAR conflict: Chadian troops kill at least 24 in Bangui

29/03/14 Few Safe Places for Central African Republic’s Muslims

26/03/14 AU troops to treat CAR's anti-balaka militia as enemy

12/03/14 Meeting of the Security Council in Arria format on
Inter-communities Dialogue and prevention of crimes in Central African Republic

10/03/14 Central African Republic: UN launches human rights probe

7/03/14 More Money Needed to Avert Disaster in Central African Republic, U.N. Warns

17/02/14 As Genocide Looms

12/02/14 CAR President Samba-Panza 'declares war' on militias

11/02/14 Social Media Dispatches: Death and Destruction in Central African Republic

9/02/14 Violence could force out CAR's Muslim population - HRW

9/02/14 Troops Halt Attack In Central Africa

5/02/14 Central African Republic soldiers 'lynch Seleka rebel'

3/02/14 Central African Republic clashes 'kill 75' in Boda town

31/01/14 Central African Republic clashes 'kill 43' in Bangui

30/01/14 Central African Republic: 'Scene of absolute horror'

28/01/14 Central African Republic: UN 'may need 10,000 troops'

26/01/14 U.S. Weighs Sanctions in Central Africa

22/01/14 The statement of Under Secretary-General/Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Mr. Adama Dieng on the human rights and humanitarian dimensions of the crisis in the Central African Republic

19/01/14 Bodies burnt in street in Central African Republic

17/01/14 Last-Ditch Effort Emerges to Restore Order in Central African Republic

16/01/14 France 'underestimated' Central African Republic hatred

14/01/14 UN reports on rights abuses in Central African Republic

14/01/14 Central African Republic Violence Ebbs, but U.N. Warns of Flare-Up

11/01/14 Violence Replaces Rejoicing After Central African Leaders Resign

8/01/14 Central African Republic: Fears of sectarian genocide

2/01/14 Nearly million people displaced by CAR conflict - UN

31/12/13 CAR conflict: Unicef says children 'beheaded' in Bangui

26/12/13 CAR unrest kills dozens, including six Chad peacekeepers

24/12/13 France’s Operation Butterfly

19/12/13 U.N. Ambassador, in Central Africa, Vows Aid and Hears of a Unity Shattered

13/12/13 African Crisis Is Tougher Than France Expected

5/12/13 Clashes Erupt in Capital of Central African Republic

26/11/13 Central African Republic 'descending into chaos' - UN

18/11/13 Central African Republic Stirs Concern

1/11/13 The Statement of Under Secretary-General/Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Mr. Adama Dieng, on the Human Rights and Humanitarian

13/10/13 France to Send More Troops Into Africa

10/10/13 U.N. Backs Peace Effort for Central African Republic

1/10/13 Statement by Mr. Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, and Ms. Jennifer Welsh, United Nations Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect, on the situation in the Central African Republic

29/8/13 Central African Republic: Thousands flee into Bangui airport

10/8/13 Central African Republic in chaos, says UN chief Ban Ki-moon

6/8/13 Violent and Chaotic, Central African Republic Lurches Toward a Crisis

11/6/13 Central African Republic: Priorities of the Transition

29/3/13 Central African Republic: Bodies Found in the Capital

25/3/13 Jacob Zuma: 13 South African soldiers killed in CAR

24/3/13 President Is Said to Flee as Rebels Seize Capital of the Central African Republic

31/12/12 Central African Republic crisis: Bozize offer rejected

27/12/12 Central African Republic's Bozize in US-France appeal

Democratic Republic of the Congo

6/4/15 Calls for DR Congo to investigate Kinshasa burial site

24/11/14 Democratic Republic of Congo: Rebels Kill Dozens

14/2/14 UN blames DR Congo groups for 'Masisi massacre'

7/6/14 DR Congo: Many killed in ethnic raid

25/8/13 Heavy Casualties on Both Sides as Congo Soldiers Fight Rebels Near Eastern City

24/2/13 ‘Framework’ Announced for Peace in Congo

14/11/12 Congo: U.N. Report Cites Slaughter


11/7/15 Chad: Bomber Kills at Least 14 People

2/5/13 Chad: N'Djamena deaths as 'coup' foiled


22/1/14 Ethiopia joins Somalia's African Union force

9/5/13 Somalia: Thousands of Peacekeepers Have Died During Mission, U.N. Says

4/10/12 Private Army Formed to Fight Somali Pirates Leaves Troubled Legacy


11/5/15 Rohingya migrants' boat rescued off Indonesia

18/3/15 Myanmar Shows Signs of Democratic Reversal, U.N. Official Says

11/2/15 Myanmar revokes Rohingya voting rights after protests

23/1/15 Funerals for two Kachin women found dead in Myanmar

19/1/15 Chinese Civilians Said to Be Trapped by Fighting in Myanmar

6/11/14 Myanmar Policy’s Message to Muslims: Get Out

28/09/14 Radical Monk in Myanmar Pledges to Protect Global Buddhism

28/09/14 Sectarian Violence in Myanmar Threatens Livelihood of Muslims

12/07/14 Mandalay’s Chinese Muslims Chilled by Riots

3/07/14 Buddhist-Muslim Mayhem Hits Myanmar’s No. 2 City

2/07/14 Five hurt, shops and mosque damaged in Myanmar violence

17/06/14 Myanmar Camps Denounced

31/05/14 Obama Success, or Global Shame?

28/05/14 Myanmar’s Appalling Apartheid

2/05/14 Death Stalks Muslims as Myanmar Cuts Off Aid

29/03/14 Buddhist mobs 'target aid workers' in Myanmar's Rakhine

17/03/14 Myanmar’s Deadly Medicine

17/03/14 Myanmar’s Deadly Medicine

28/02/14 Medecins Sans Frontieres' shock at Myanmar suspension

25/02/14 Documents 'show Myanmar Rohingya discrimination is policy'

24/01/13 Report on Unrest Is at Odds With Account of Myanmar

24/01/13 Burma violence: UN calls for Rohingya deaths inquiry

17/01/13 Rohingya Muslims feared killed in new Burma Rakhine violence

1/10/13 Myanmar: Buddhists Kill Woman, 94

25/8/13 Burma violence: Rioters burn Muslim homes and shops

21/8/13 Myanmar: Mob Swarms Car of U.N. Rights Envoy

11/7/13 U.N. Secretary General Warns Myanmar on Religious Violence

20/6/13 Extremism Rises Among Myanmar Buddhists

29/5/13 Myanmar Struggles to Put Down Buddhist Attack on Muslims

27/5/13 Aung San Suu Kyi condemns Rohingya 'two-child policy'

24/4/13 Are Myanmar’s Hopes Fading?

25/3/13 Statement of the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide
on the situation in Myanmar

24/3/13 Myanmar’s Ethnic Minorities Grow Pessimistic About Peace

21/3/13 Sectarian Clashes Are Reported in Central Myanmar

7/3/13 Myanmar Reforms Could Falter, U.N. Investigator Says

20/1/13 Burma attack breaks Kachin truce near China border

Sri Lanka

2/01/15 Sri Lanka’s Violent Buddhists

17/06/14 Sri Lanka riots: One killed as Buddhists target Muslims

15/06/14 Sri Lanka imposes curfew after Buddhist-Muslim clashes

17/03/14 3 Activists Held in Sri Lanka, Raising Fears of Crackdown

25/09/13 Sri Lanka: U.N. Official Calls for War Crimes Inquiry

20/09/13 Amid Violence, Returning to Elections in Sri Lanka After a Void

11/08/13 Sri Lanka Buddhist mob attacks Colombo mosque

10/08/13 U.S. Condemns Sri Lanka Deaths

7/08/13 Sri Lanka: Catholic Church Says Army Killed Unarmed Protesters

30/04/13 Sri Lanka 'intensifies crackdown on dissent' - Amnesty

29/03/13 Sri Lanka crowd attacks Muslim warehouse in Colombo

26/02/13 Sri Lanka: Security Forces Still Employ Torture and Rape, Rights Group Says


01/10/15 Burundi's Nyamitwe accuses Rwanda of training rebels

15/8/15 Ex-army chief Col Jean Bikomagu shot dead in Burundi

2/8/15 Burundi presidential aide Nshimirimana killed in attack

20/7/15 In Burundi, President Pierre Nkurunziza’s Push for Power Is Marked by Bloodshed

1/07/15 Burundi: 6 Are Killed During Protests

29/06/15 Burundi Holds Elections After Night of Gunfire and Grenade Attacks

26/06/15 Grenades, Fear and Uncertainty Become Routine as an Election Nears in Burundi

23/05/15 Burundi Opposition Leader Is Killed

22/05/15 Political Unrest Pushes Burundi Closer to Economic Collapse

14/05/15 Burundi coup bid: President Nkurunziza's return 'thwarted'

13/05/15 Burundi General Claims to Oust President Pierre Nkurunziza

7/05/15 Burundi protests continue despite Pierre Nkurunziza pledge

5/05/15 Burundi Court Backs President’s Bid for Third Term

25/10/12 Burundi: Bye-bye Arusha?


8/10/12 Afghanistan: The Long, Hard Road to the 2014 Transition


26/06/15 Mass Killings by ISIS Fighters in Syrian Kurdish Town

23/06/15 U.N. Condemns Both Sides in Syria for Attacking Civilians

12/06/15 Statement by the Special Adviser of the SG on the Prevention of Genocide, the Special Adviser of the SG on the Responsibility to Protect, the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues and the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief

30/05/15 Syria crisis: 'Barrel bomb strikes kill 72' in Aleppo province

6/05/15 Syria Is Using Chemical Weapons Again, Rescue Workers Say

5/05/15 Syria conflict: Aleppo civilians suffer 'unthinkable atrocities'

11/03/15 Syria: Doctors’ Group Blames Government for Most Attacks on Medical Workers'

11/03/15 The Carnage of Barrel Bombs in Syria

4/03/15 Syrian Opposition to Post Dead Detainees’ Photos

01/01/15 Syria Deaths Hit New High in 2014, Observer Group Says

17/12/14 Syria conflict: 230 bodies 'found in mass grave' in Deir al-Zour

10/10/14 Statement by Adama Dieng, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, and Jennifer Welsh, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect, on the situation in Kobane, Syria

07/10/14 Investigators in Syria Seek Paper Trails That Could Prove War Crimes

16/09/14 U.N. Investigators Cite Atrocities in Syria

10/09/14 Chlorine Used as Weapon in Syria War, Group Says

29/08/14 Islamic State kills 150 captured troops in Syria, say activists

27/08/14 Syria conflict: Islamic State 'committed war crimes'

18/06/14 Syria conflict: Toxic chemicals 'used systematically' in attacks

21/05/14 U.N. Will Weigh Asking Court to Investigate War Crimes in Syria

13/05/14 U.S. Envoys See a Rwanda Moment in Syria’s Escalating Crisis

13/05/14 U.N. Mediator on Syria Quits; French Envoy Says Chemicals Were Used

01/05/14 Dozens Are Killed in Airstrike at a Bustling Market in Syria

18/03/14 Syria conflict: UN reports mass executions by ISIS

10/03/14 Syria: Assad forces 'using starvation as weapon of war'

05/03/14 Syria and Security Council Criticized by Rights Panel

18/02/14 Bombings in Syria Force Wave of Civilians to Flee

11/02/14 Syria conflict: UN concerned over Homs detentions

20/01/14 War Crimes Experts Call Syrian Defector’s Photographs ‘Direct Evidence’ of Assad’s ‘Killing Machine’

08/01/14 Watching Syria’s War

03/01/14 Qaeda-Linked Insurgents Clash With Other Rebels in Syria, as Schism Grows

19/12/13 U.N. Panel Cites ‘Terror’ Campaign Against Syrian Civilians

02/12/13 Top U.N. Rights Official Links Assad to Crimes in Syria

24/11/13 Syria conflict: Children 'targeted by snipers'

11/10/13 Syrian Civilians Bore Brunt of Rebels’ Fury, Report Says

27/09/13 U.N. Investigates More Alleged Chemical Attacks in Syria

17/09/13 U.N. Data on Gas Attack Point to Assad’s Top Forces

13/09/13 U.N. Reports Syria Uses Hospital Attacks as a ‘Weapon of War’

12/09/13 SYRIA REPORT a HRC 24 46 En

11/09/13 U.N. Rights Panel Cites Evidence of War Crimes by Both Sides in Syria

10/09/13 Assault on Christian Town in Syria Adds to Fears Over Rebels

22/08/13 Statement by the Special Advisers on the Prevention of Genocide, Mr. Adama Dieng, and on the Responsibility to Protect, Ms. Jennifer Welsh, on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

22/08/13 Syria conflict: chemical weapons blamed as hundreds reported killed

08/07/13 Statement by Mr. Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, on the situation in Syria

12/06/13 Dozens of Shiites Reported Killed in Raid by Syria Rebels

03/05/13 Syria conflict: 'Dozens executed' in village

23/04/13 Israel Says It Has Proof That Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons

11/04/13 Syria air strikes 'target civilians' - Human Rights Watch

08/04/13 Syria rejects 'broadening' of UN chemical weapons probe

15/01/13 Consulate Supported Claim of Syria Gas Attack, Report Says

07/01/13 Hints of Syrian Chemical Push Set Off Global Effort to Stop It

20/12/12 Statement of the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide
on the situation in Syria

15/11/12 The World’s Next Genocide