Groups and Centres

Groups and Centres

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a lively and diverse research community within which are the following research centres and groups.

Collaborative Research Scheme Projects

In 2010 the Faculty introduced the Faculty of Arts Collaborative Research Scheme (FCRS) grants. This scheme was initiated in order to promote new collaborative research projects that would encourage colleagues across Schools (and indeed Faculties) to work together in new and emergent areas and build research capacity in a range of different ways. The scheme is supported by the Faculty and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research.

FCRS 2015-2016 Awards

American Cultures: The View from the Pacific

Leads: Thomas Adams and Sarah Gleeson-White

Researchers: Paul Giles, Chin Jou, Michael McDonnell, Brendon O’Connor and David Smith

Their research: They aim to forge ties with American Studies scholars and postgraduates throughout the Asia Pacific to raise the profile of American Studies at the University, and make scholarly interventions in global debates within this vibrant discipline. They aim to discover and disseminate the distinct interventions that Australian and Asian Pacific scholars make to the global discipline of American Studies.

Citizen Engagement and Policy Advocacy in Contemporary Indonesia

Lead: Michele Ford

Researchers: Thushara Dibley, Vannessa Hearman, Russell Toth, Robbie Peters, Simon Butt, Jeffrey Neilson,

Their research: This research group brings together social scientists of Indonesia from across the university seeking to develop a research agenda around policy advocacy and citizenship engagement under Joko Widodo (Jokowi), President of Indonesia. It aims to foster cross-fertilisation across the disciplines of Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Labour Relations, Law and Sociology, bringing to bear the particular insights of each of these disciplines to better understand the nexus between activism and policy-making in a range of socially relevant domains.

Everyday Social Media: Culture, Design, Inclusion, Recognition

Lead: Gerard Goggin, Ariadne Vromen and Fiona Martin

Researchers: Monika Bednarek, Grant Bollmer, Benedetta Brevini, Rafael Calvo, Peter Chen, Chris Chesher, Catherine Driscoll, Tim Dwyer, Amanda Elliott, Jonathon Hutchinson, Alana Mann, Greg Martin, Mike Michael, Giovanni Navarria, Kane Race, David Rolph, Simon Tormey, Kimberlee Weatherall.

Their research: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and new mobile and location-based media services like Tinder are becoming central to participation in contemporary social life, culture, politics and economic exchange. Yet everyday social media uses in Australia are not well studied. This interdisciplinary research group takes a holistic approach to understanding the key dimensions and implications of social media in Australia, and to place this in international context. Everyday Social Media brings together leading researchers to generate new research methods and knowledge of this field. It will also engage with technology designers, developers, industry, regulators and policy makers via innovative speculative design workshops.

Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Network

Leads: Nicola Piper and Stephanie Short

Researchers: Gaby Ramia, Stuart Rosewarne and Anna Boucher.

Their research: The overarching theme of these collaborations concerns a contentious and timely issue for the Asia Pacific region: the link between international migration and sustainable employment (or decent work as per the International Labour Organisation). This theme will be explored via the establishment of two thematic working groups: 1. The Crisis in Healthcare Recruitment in addressing Non-communicable Diseases and 2. Precarious Employment of Migrant Workers in the Asia-Pacific. Both topics deal with the pressing issues that shape intra-regional patterns and directions of migration in the Asia-Pacific and feed into the on-going debate on “managing migration” at the global, regional, national and local levels.

In addition to these awards, the following collaborative network is being supported by the Faculty:

Power and Accountability Network

Lead: Nick Enfield

Researchers: Monika Bednarek, Ilan Dar-Nimrod, Gerard Goggin, Holly High, Peter Hobbins, Wendy Lambourne, Ahmar Mahboob, James Martin, Nicola Piper and Caroline West.

Their research: Human agency has two sides. Power is the capacity to act, the flexibility to choose, the freedom to move. Accountability is the duty to bear the consequences of our actions. This group brings together researchers working on the relation between power and accountability at different scales and from myriad perspectives, including social, cultural, philosophical, and psychological. Questions include: Why is there a moral intuition that power and accountability should scale together? When and why is it okay to punish or reward a person for someone else’s actions? The goal is to spark constructive interdisciplinary debate and progress in this emerging research area.

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