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Knowledge Utilisation in Conflict Prevention

18 November, 2013
2:00pm 4:00pm

jonathan-bogaisBy Adjunct Associate Professor Jonathan Bogais 

Are we – practitioners or researchers – making any kind of difference in conflict prevention and resolution? Looking around us and following current events, it is hard to assume that we have learned enough to make a real difference. What knowledge are we using to investigate, analyse and advise, and how are we utilising this knowledge? 

Overarching theories can help in identifying particular  explanatory factors, but the gap between the research material available and the material needed by practitioners has been widely recognised as one of the causes of ineffectiveness in addressing underlying issues of conflict. 

In this seminar, Dr Jonathan Bogais looks at knowledge utilisation in the context of the complex socio-political situation in Myanmar and its influence on regional stability. Discussing the relationships between research utilisation and evidence-based practice, the seminar addresses (i) the sectarian conflicts and social unrests rapidly spreading across the country and beyond in the shadow of Myanmar’s economic metamorphosis fueled by massive international investments;  (ii) the interplay between China and Western countries led by  the United States for the ‘control’ of one of Asia's most strategic locations, and an influence in the Asia-Pacific region; and, (iii) the human rights infringements, internal displacement of people, and the region's reluctance in addressing the associated issues of refugees escaping Myanmar. 


Jonathan Bogais is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology & Social Policy at the University of Sydney. He is is an analyst, social scientist, and strategic  adviser in human rights, ethnicity, and conflict analysis and resolution, specialising in Southeast Asian and Pacific affairs.

Merging over three decades as a bi-lingual foreign correspondent (French/English) mostly working in Southeast Asia, with a background in social sciences (Doctor of Philosophy, sociology - Paris, Sorbonne, 1984), he has acquired a considerable cross-disciplinary knowledge in areas of conflict, human rights, ethnicity, violence and identity. He has been involved in several international missions, advised delegations and participated in  negotiations, also teaching in these areas. 

His focus is now on knowledge utilisation. He has a mandate to nvestigate knowledge utilisation models to improve the interaction  between research utilisation and evidence-based practice, especially in areas of conflict.

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