Sydney Cyber Security Network

The Sydney Cyber Security Network is an exciting new incubator for interdisciplinary research, public engagement, and professional education at the University of Sydney.

We are a diverse group, united by shared concerns about technology, policy, and security. We all recognize that cyberspace has become a dominant feature of modern life. But threats in this domain – to individuals, organizations, and governments – are still poorly understood. In particular, threats and responses in the Asia Pacific are often overlooked. Empirical evidence is limited. Even worse, cyber security is inherently interdisciplinary, but analysis is usually segregated into professional silos: not only separating engineering, computer science, and social scientific disciplines, but also academia, industry, and government.

The resulting gaps in knowledge and practice are too dangerous to ignore.

The Sydney Cyber Security Network bridges the social-technical divide in academia, as well as between the scholarly community, private sector, and government. We inspire and support innovative research. We convene events for leading thinkers and policymakers from around the world to engage directly with the Asia Pacific. And we translate this state-of-the-art knowledge into undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education.

Interested? Please join us!