The Environmental Humanities Group

Research Group Leader:
Iain McCalman, History

Research Group Members:

Alison Bashford, History Andrew Fitzmaurice, History
Shane White, History Paul Giles, English
Cindy McCreery, History Peter Marks, English
Martin Gibbs, Archaeology Melissa Hardie, English
David Scholsberg, Government & International Relations Vanessa Smith, English
Daneille Celermajer, Sociology & Social Policy Christina Alt, English
Jude Philp, Macleay Museum Kane Race, Gender & Cultural Studies
Stephen Robertson, History Fiona Allon, Gender & Cultural Studies

This is a collaboration of seventeen Faculty of Arts scholars, from three Schools and six departments, who are currently researching environmental dimensions of cultural and urban history, English literature, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, politics, gender and women’s studies. They propose to focus this diffuse work into an integrated, interdisciplinary and socially relevant new field of ‘environmental humanities’.

Funding - $35,000

The Gender and Modernity Research Group

Research Group Leader:
Catherine Driscoll, Gender & Cultural Studies

Research Group Members:

Catherine Driscoll, Gender & Cultural Studies Jane Park, Gender & Cultural Studies
Moira Gatens, Philosophy Mary Roberts, Art History & Film Studies
Melissa Hardie, English Catherine Waldby, Sociology & Social Policy
Anna Hickey-Moody, Gender & Cultural Studies Laleen Jayamanne, Art History & Film Studies
Natalya Lusty, Gender & Cultural Studies Melinda Cooper, Sociology & Social Policy

This group brings together researchers in the humanities and social sciences who work on the intersections of gender and modernity across a range of periods and contexts and draw on a range of disciplines and methods. It aims to promote the importance of , and build capacity for, feminist research into the ways modernity produces ideas and experiences of gender and the ways gender shapes experiences of modernity, including degrees of access to the narratives of progress and self-determination that characterize the idea of modernity.

Funding - $35,000

The Inspired Voices Research Cluster

Research Group Leader:
Rick Benitez, Philosophy

Research Group Members:
Julia Kindt, Classics & Ancient History
Ian Maxwell, Performance Studies
Peter Wilson, Classics & Ancient History

The IVRC will investigate the cultural significance of oracular, mythic and poetic inspiration, as found in historical, philosophical and poetic productions of 5th-4th C. Athens. The group combines expertise in ancient history, philosophy, classics and performance studies.

Funding - $25,000
Inspired Voices Research Cluster webpage

The International Society Research Cluster

Research Group Leader:
Glenda Sluga, History

Research Group Members:

Danielle Celermajer, Sociology & Social Policy Julia Horne, History
Jennifer Barrett, Museum Studies Margaret Poulos, History
Charlotte Epstein, Government & International Relations Michael Humphrey, Sociology & Social Policy

International society is a concept coined in the twentieth century in the context of the rise of international organizations, networks, and ideologies. While international society supposed a world of states, it has come to suggest a more transformative conception of the international, as a sphere in which transnational networks, practices, and institutions are fundamentally altering the ways in which global politics might work. For social scientists and historians, international society encompasses a range of intellectual and scholarly research questions pertinent to the contemporary world, including the past, present and future of global civil society, the international public sphere, international institutions, globalism, and internationalism.

Funding - $35,000

The International Society Research Cluster webpage

The Language and Identity Research Group

Research Group Leader:
Antonia Rubino, Italian Studies

Research Group Members:

Monika Bednarek, Linguistics Brian Paltridge, Faculty of Education & Social Work
Ken Cruickshank, Faculty of Education & Social Work Linda Tsung, Chinese Studies
Dwi Noverini Djenar, Indonesian Studies Wei Wang, Chinese Studies
Nerida Jarkey, Japanese Studies Devrim Yilmaz, Linguistics
Caroline Lipovsky, French Studies Zuocheng Zhang, Faculty of Education & Social Work
Ahmar Mahboob, Linguistics  

This group brings together a range of key researchers with shared interests in aspects of linguistics and identity, working across the School of Languages and Cultures, the School of Letters, Arts and Media and the Faculty of Education and Social Work. The network formalises and extends existing collaborative projects, grant applications and HDR supervision. Although the researchers work from different research traditions they form an emerging research strength in the areas of language and identity.

Funding - $25,000

The Language and Identity Research Group web page

The Surveillance and Everyday Life Research Group

Research Group Leader:
Peter Marks, English

Research Group Members:

Peter Marks, English Charlotte Epstein, Government & International Relations
Pat O’Malley, Sydney Law School Garner Clancey, Sydney Institute of Criminology, Sydney Law School
Greg Martin, Sociology & Social Policy Kane Race, Gender & Cultural Studies
Stephen Robertson, History Rebecca Scott-Bray, Sociology & Social Policy
Kathy Cleland, Digital Cultures Program  

This group brings together a number of early career, mid career and distinguished scholars across the Faculty of Arts – and wider university community – to critically and collaboratively examine the everyday production and experience of surveillance, an issue of rapidly increasing social, historical, political, economic and local-global significance.

Funding - $18,000

The Treaty Implementation and the Creation of Domestic Political Venues Research Group

Research Group Leader:
Betsi Beem, Government & International Relations

Research Group Members:
Rodney Smith, Government & International Relations
Susan Banki, Sociology & Social Policy
Susan Shearing, Sydney Law School, Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law

This project will analyse the implementation patterns of three international treaties: the World Heritage Convention (environmental), the UN Refugee Convention (human rights), and UN Convention Against Corruption (governance); in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Funding - $25,000