What is Field Helper?

Field Helper was developed with APSR funding by Steven Hayes, Tom Honeyman and Kim Jackson all from Sydney University. The application is based on an original idea by Ian Johnson and considerable input has been received from Linda Barwick and Tom Murtagh. Please direct any questions or comments to Steven Hayes (0293513142 - <>)

This document was written by Steven Hayes as a DocBook 4.4 document within Oxygen 9.0 and transformed with the standard DocBook stylesheets. The untransformed XML is available here.

field helper application

Field Helper is a desktop application that enables you to quickly view and categorise groups of related digital files and then submit the resulting package to a repository for long term preservation and access. Digital repositories require a submission to be formated in a specific way and be described according to a standard meta data encoding schema. Working with Field Helper results in a ZIP file containing compressed versions of your files along with a METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard) file which contains a detailed description of each file and its relationship to other files in the submission. METS is a standard that works with most repositories and - where required - can be easily translated into a form that non METS compliant repositories can work with.

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