Gender and Modernity

Funded through the Faculty of Arts Collaborative Research Scheme

The Gender and Modernity Research Group promotes research in the humanities and social sciences on gender across key social, political, cultural and historical coordinates of modernity. Established in 2009, this group brings together researchers in the humanities and social sciences working on the intersection of gender and modernity across a range of periods and contexts and drawing on a range of disciplines and methods. It aims to promote the importance of, and build capacity for, feminist research into the ways modernity produces ideas and experiences of gender and the way gender shapes the uneven development and experiences of modernity, including degrees of access to the narratives of progress and self-determination captured by the idea of modernity.

The Gender and Modernity Research group hosts master classes, symposiums and visiting speakers as part of an intensive research program that fosters cross-institutional and international collaboration for early career researchers and postgraduate students as well as senior academics and professors.