The prospect of live export of Donkeys in Australia: A strategic advocacy workshop

30 October, 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm

During the thousands of years that we have records of human-donkey interactions, donkeys have survived, and died, principally by virtue their use value in human projects: war, mining, agriculture, transport, and most recently in Australia, guarding other commercially valued non-human animals. The federal government has now identified another use value, the benefits of which would be distributed in a shockingly asymmetrical way: donkeys to be exported live so that the skin of their now dead bodies can be used at the other end of the journey to produce ‘ejiao’, a medicinal product promoted as enhancing (human) skin and vitality.

The prospect of the live export of donkeys raises issues familiar in animal advocacy in Australia: the politics and ethics of regulatory standards; the power of different lobby groups; the contests between normative and economic considerations; and, the tensions between advocating in relation to non-human animals and buying into xenophobia and racism. This workshop will bring together activists, scholars, vets, animal welfare and animals rights organizations and people who live in the world of donkeys with a view to sharing experiences, insights and knowledges to create a strategy for addressing this threat.

Short presentations from:

  • Christine Berry (Donkey Welfare with Heart Sanctuary)
  • Dr. Jill Bough (University of Newcastle)
  • Dr. Lynn Simpson (Ex Shipboard Live Export Veterinarian)
  • Dr. Jedd Goodfellow (RSPCA)
  • Glenys Oogjes, CEO, Animals Australia

This event is convened by the Human Animal Research Network (HARN).

Please rsvp for catering purposes, and direct any questions to Professor Dany Celermajer:

Location: Edward Ford Seminar Room 101, Fisher Road, University of Sydney