Funded by the Australian Research Council, the Laureate Research Program in International History is devoted to advancing our understanding of the international and internationalist origins of the global present. Led by Professor Glenda Sluga, this team of historians is investigating the international history of globalization from the perspective of people and ideas, with special attention to how, since the nineteenth century, economic ideas have influenced the intellectual, institutional and legal frameworks of today's global order. Working in cooperation with international institutions such as UNESCO, this research program aims to regenerate public debate concerning globalization seen through the past, present and future of international political and economic institutions.

Latest News

  • Fifth International History Intensive – A Great Success

    The Fifth International History Intensive, ‘Cultures of Diplomacy’, held from July 16th to 18th, 2014, brought together graduate students at all stages of their doctoral research from Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the United States of America. They were joined by Faculty members including Professor David Armitage (Harvard/Sydney), Professor Barbara Caine (Sydney), Professor Peter Becker (Vienna), Professor Kathleen Burk (UCL) and Professor Glenda Sluga (Sydney). 

  • Sydney History PhD wins Prestigious Oxford Sophie Coe Prize

    Garritt Van Dyk, a second year History PhD student affiliated with the Laureate program for his work on the transnational and economic history of national food cultures, has won the prestigious Sophie Coe Prize for his essay on the origins of champagne, 'Méthode Anglaise: Transnational Exchange and the Origins of Champagne'.

  • Professor Glenda Sluga won ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships

    Professor Glenda Sluga has been awarded one of seventeen ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships just announced by Senator Kim Carr for 2013. The fellowships are designed “for outstanding Australian and international researchers to build Australia’s ability to make new discoveries, pursue innovative studies as well as mentoring early career researchers”.

Latest Events


  • New History of Captial Workshop

  • LabEx (Sorbonne) Gender and European History

  • Economic Internationalism

  • International Sites of Memory Workshop