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Monday 30 March 2015 - 1 - 2.30pm

Speaker: Hedi Viterbo

This paper sets analogies as both its object and method of inquiry in relation to four cases of generational segregation: Australia (the ‘stolen generations’), Canada (First Nation children’s removal to residential schools), the United States (Native American children’s removal to off-reserve boarding schools), and Israel/Palestine (an ostensibly benevolent shift, recently, towards separating Palestinian child prisoners in Israeli custody from their adult counterparts).

Various parallels, continuities, and links can be or have been drawn between and across these cases; this paper will examine their potential, perils, effects, and underlying assumptions.

I argue that the concepts “settler-colonialism” and “childhood” themselves, while immensely useful, also have notable limitations, which must be taken into consideration when tackling these issues.

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About the Speaker: Dr Hedi ViterboDr Hedi Viterbo, SOAS, University of London

Dr Hedi Viterbo is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at SOAS. He recieved his PhD in Law from the LSE, and was previously a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School and a visiting researcher at Columbia University.

His research interests include law and politics, state violence (especially in Israel/Palestine and the United States), childhood, and sexuality.

His publications include: ‘The Age of Conflict: Rethinking Childhood, Law and Age through the Israeili-Palestinian Case’ in Law & Childhood Studies, edited by Michael Freeman, 2012; ‘Seeing torture anew: a transnational reconcenptualization of state torture and visual evidence’, Stanford J of International Law 2014; ‘The crisis of heterosexuality: the construction of sexual idenitities in the Israeli defamantion law’, Tel Aviv University Law Review, 2010.

Venue: Room 148 RC Mills building, A26 [map]