The LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building

The LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building is a new research centre dedicated to Legitimation Code Theory or ‘LCT’, an innovative and rapidly-growing approach based in SPSS that is having significant international impact.

What is LCT? The approach is motivated by social justice and knowledge-building. LCT offers concepts that reveal the ‘rules of the game’ that shape arenas of social life, including education. Such bases of achievement are often tacit, so actors whose social backgrounds do not equip them with keys to these ‘legitimation codes’ are disadvantaged. The concepts make the legitimation codes visible and so enable the rules of the game to be taught and learned, or changed. LCT also overcomes the fragmentation of education research into numerous topics that rarely integrate their findings to build knowledge of education as a whole. By reaching beneath surface appearances to explore the underlying principles of practice, LCT reveals the DNA of knowledge. The approach is thus not limited to any specific object of study. Accordingly scholars across the disciplinary map and around the world are using LCT to reveal the principles underlying knowledge practices and their effects. The field is growing rapidly with, on average over the past two years, a conference presentation every five days, a publication every ten days, and a PhD awarded every six weeks.

The LCT Centre runs seminars and workshops for scholars and students and hosted the Second International Legitimation Code Theory Conference in July 2017. It will also advance multidisciplinary research and practice that extends the approach and provide training and support for the international community. Among these activities will be a digital data repository to enable comparative research, intensive courses for doctoral students, online communities of practice, and an international journal.

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