Activities in 2005

Seminar Series

The Cluster conducted a seminar series during 2005. Seminars were hosted by a diverse range of local and international scholars and themes included:

  • Russian and Soviet imperialism
  • Chinese nationalism
  • Frontier myths
  • Forced migration
  • The international food crisis of the 1970s

International Visits

The Cluster hosted the international visits of:

  • Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, University of Oxford
  • Dr Christian Gerlach, University of Pittsburgh.

Research Day

Cluster members discussed their individual projects during a research day held in December. Projects included:

  • Communications and national identity in early-modern France
  • Natural history and colonialism
  • The doctrine of assimilation of indigenous populations in colonial policy
  • Imperialism and social mobility
  • Lady Jane Franklin and the notion of British citizenship and virtue
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's 1867-1871 voyages
  • Critical and comparative genocide studies
  • The world population question in the inter-war years
  • The links between provincialism, nationalism and nationalism in modern France