Activities in 2008


Population, Politics & History:
What are the politics of counting people? Historians and anthropologists discussedtheir recent work. A symposium with:

  • Matthew Connelly, Columbia University, currently International Visiting Research Fellow, University of Sydney
    Fatal Misconception: the struggle to control world population
  • Kalpana Ram, Macquarie University current book Fertile Disorders: State Intellectuals, modernity and rural poor women in Tamil Nadu, South India
  • Warwick Anderson, University of Sydney
    Collector of Lost Souls: Kuru, Moral Peril, and the Creation of Value in Science
  • Tim Rowse, Australian National University
    Divided Nation: Indigenous Affairs and the Imagined Public (ed)
  • Marilyn Lake, La Trobe University
    Drawing the Global Color Line: white men's countries and the international challenge of racial equality
  • Margaret Jolly, Australian National University Birthing in the Pacific: beyond tradition and modernity (ed)
  • Alison Bashford, University of Sydney
    current book Life on Earth: geopolitics and the world population problem

Postgraduate Intensive

Nation Empire Globe offered postgraduate students a chance to discuss their research with international scholars. Research in Transnational and International History was shared over six panels in this inspiring two-day intensive. Participating faculty were:

  • Professor David Armitage (Harvard)
  • Associate Professor Matthew Connelly (Columbia)
  • Professor Akira Iriye (Harvard)
  • Professor Glenda Sluga (Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Alison Bashford (Sydney)


Making Empire Visible in the Metropole: Comparative Imperial Transformations in America, Australia, England & France.

Nation Empire Globe and Sydney University were proud to host distinguished international experts at this conference, held in conjunction with our friends at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Worldwide Universities Network

Scholars from Europe, North America and all over Australia converged in Sydney for two scintillating days of cutting edge brainwork. Look how happy we are! Photo gallery