Activities in 2010

Roundtable Forum on Colonial Connections in the ‘Indian-Pacific’ Region

15 April 2010
A forum attended by academics from Sydney, the University of New South Wales and Macquarie universities on colonial-era connections between countries of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

Symposium: Colonial Cities, Global Connections

24 September, 2010

  • Keynote Speaker: Robert Bickers (University of Bristol)
    'Shouts and Whispers: Statues and Memorials in Shanghai's International
    Settlement, 1860s-1940s’
  • Karin Speedy (Macquarie University)
    ‘Moving on and up: Emigration from Saint-Denis (Reunion Island) to Nouméa (New Caledonia), Social Class and the non-dit
  • Penny Edmonds (University of Melbourne)
    ‘Settlement and Gendered Territorialism: First Nations Women and Mixed Relations in Victoria, British Columbia, 1850s-1880s’
  • Jemima Mowbray (University of Sydney)
    ‘No More Clay Pots, No More Tattoos: Motuan Women, Cultural Identity, and the Changing Village Landscape’,
  • Milton Osborne
    ‘Phnom Penh: From Colonial to Post-Colonial City’
  • Jean Gelman Taylor (University of New South Wales)
    ‘Painted Ladies of the VOC’,
  • Adrian Vickers (University of Sydney)
    ‘Cities in the Dutch colonial imagination: Photographs from Java’,
  • Hans Pols (University of Sydney)
    ‘Semarang: Java’s Most Progressive City’,
  • Grace Karskens (University of New South Wales)
    ‘Port City, City of Suburbs, Global City: A New History of Sydney’,
  • Richard Waterhouse (University of Sydney)
    ‘Australian Rural Towns and the Ideology of Progress and Modernity, 1900-2000’,
  • McAndrew Chua (University of Sydney)
    ‘Sanitising Darwin, 1900-1913’
  • Yiyan Wang (University of Sydney)
    ‘Semi-Colonialized Cosmopolitans: Portraits of Chinese Artists in Paris in the Early 20th Century’,
  • Yixu Lu (with David Goodman) (University of Sydney)
    ‘Walter Frey, Architect: A Forgotten Imperialist Contribution to China’s Modernisation, 1905-1937

Postgraduate Research Symposium, University of Bristol

New Research in Colonial and Postcolonial History
Hosted by Professor Robert Bickers and Dr Kirsty Reid, University of Bristol, and Associate Professor Kirsten McKenzie, University of Sydney.